American Health Association Invites Lt. Colonel Weinstein, Beach Boot Camp Instructor and Motivational Coach, as Guest Speaker on May 20th, 2004, 10:00 am at Heritage Park West in Delray Beach, Florida

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This is a must experience event. Bob brings to the table over 25 years of leadership and fitness experience. Colonel Weinstein is best described as high energy, enthusiastic, fun, humorous, motivational, inspirational and informative. Bob has a heart for seniors and wants to share his message of happy and healthy living with them. He is a dynamic motivational speaker. He will be featured on the History Channel in the series "Tactical to Practical" on July 6th, 2004. His health and wellness business, Fountain of Youth Fitness, is located in Fort Lauderdale and his website can be found at

Colonel Weinstein will take the audience that he calls "the 60s Club" made up of those in their 60s, through a fun and inspiring journey of how to take charge of their health … and yes he will have all of them exercising as well. No falling asleep here. His talks and exercise sessions are known for lots of laughter and high energy. Come and experience the inspiration you have been always looking for to truly lead that healthy and happy life. Don't miss Colonel Weinstein. Call and make your reservation today at 561-361-9091. The entire event will be filmed and the press will be there.

Some of the topics Colonel Weinstein will be sharing about:

  • How to naturally maintain and increase bone density
  • How to build muscle mass
  • How to maintain healthy weight
  • How to feel younger and have more energy
  • Good and bad fats
  • Good and bad carbs
  • What fiber is really good for

This event is open to the public. All ages may attend. Call 561-361-9091 for reservations and directions to Heritage Park West, 5859 Heritage Park Way (just off of Via Flora), Delray Beach, Florida 33484, to reserve a seat. Seating is limited. The event will be in the Adam's Theater at Heritage Park West.

Directions to Heritage Park West:

Located just North of West Atlantic Avenue on Via Flora Road. 1 mile West of Military Trail. 3 miles West of Interstate Highway 95. 2-1/2 miles East of the Florida Turnpike. 1/2 mile from Heritage Park East Campus.

Bob will also share his "Seven Keys to PERMANENT Weight Loss" from his audio book. Asked about what really motivated Col. Weinstein to produce this audio book he responds, "I have been visiting my great aunt Erlie the past few months in an assisted living home. She's 90 years old and uses a walker. These visits have allowed me to really experience first hand the results of an unhealthy lifestyle. All those people who can hardly get around with their walkers and canes. Now some may say that this is what happens when you get old. No! It's what happens when you do not take charge of your lifestyle when it comes to your health! Longevity does not equate to quality of life. Seven out of ten Americans die from heart disease, cancer or stroke and the rest are just suffering along. It is a statistical fact that 90 percent of the health related issues that arise are lifestyle related. No ... that's not what must happen to you when you get old! We pre-program the quality of our lives by how we live, today. We make that decision through our actions and must ask the tough questions, "Will I belong to the ninety percent who will end up with those lifestyle related diseases? Or will I take charge and make those positive changes that will ensure a happy and healthy life all the way up into those ripe old senior years?" Don't go with the flow on this one! Do it for yourself, your loved ones and especially our children. Stop the excuses. The statistics cry out for change! Are you listening?"

FOSTERING A NEW APPROACH TO AGING...The American Health Association is a unique non-profit organization designed to help you approach aging in a new and better way. The AHA encourages you to take charge of your health protocol by taking proactive, preventative steps, combining the best of East/West therapies in a healthier model. We aim to improve the quality and longevity of life.

The American Health Association currently offers five major programs to help you transition to a preventative aging model.

The American Volunteer Corps consists of individuals trained for volunteer and internship positions in a myriad of healing and helping disciplines. These are the people that make things happen. They’re an important part of the American Volunteer Corps. The Corps incorporates the Junior Volunteer Corps (JVC) and the Senior Volunteer Corps (SVC). The word “Senior” is used to indicate 'higher in rank, authority or experience' and not older, elder or retired. The Corps are volunteers who are trained for professional volunteer positions in a myriad of healing and helping disciplines including Peer Counselors, Mentorships, Grief and Bereavement and a whole host of specialized programs in the helping arts. Training consists of didactic & Socratic method of instruction in group format underscoring life experience and learning styles as a teaching methodology. The aim here is to give active adults the 4 P’s of continued life sustenance. Passion, Purpose with Productivity in a social Partnership with and in their respective communities. Once trained you are placed within 5 miles of a members home and in effect become “longevity coaches” to the community.

The Lifelong Learning Foundation provides courses that draw on the wisdom and experience of professionals and peers alike on topics such as "Understanding the Emotions of Grief."

The Center for Healthy Aging offers support groups that meet weekly, educational courses, and a host of outreach programs.

The Mental Health Foundation concentrates on outplacement mental health services that include re-socialization, re-skilling, job coaching and placement, housing, and social services.

The last major project is the Center for Healthcare Management. This component addresses the need for initiating and managing corporate health interventions in order to improve employee well-being and morale.

J. Robert Gordon is the founder and executive director of the American Health Association and is a psychotherapist in private practice who specializes in trauma and geriatric mental health care. In 2003, Rob received the "Public Citizen of the Year" award from the National Association of Social Workers, the "Citizen of the Year" from the Palm Beach Unit of NASW, and a local "Men with Caring Hearts" volunteer award. In the past, he assisted survivors of the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center disaster and their families via the American Red Cross in New York. He has chaired emergency services for the Palm Beach County Chapter of the American Red Cross, and is now affiliated with the Martin County chapter. In addition to devoting many hours to the American Health Association, Rob is currently a disaster trainer with United Way of Palm Beach County's "Operation Step Up," and is prepared to assist in catastrophes, natural or otherwise, in Palm Beach County. He gives "homeland security" workshops for the United Way and Mental Health Foundation of the Palm Beaches.

Rob is also a self-described "recovering quadriplegic." At the age of 23, he was afflicted with Gillian-Barre Syndrome which left him paralyzed. For nearly a year, he was hospitalized and had to relearn everything as he slowly regained mobility. His experience is a testament to the will to survive and conquer the odds.

For more on the American Health Association go to their website at

For more press releases on Lt. Col. Weinstein go to his website at

About the Guest Speaker Lt. Col. Weinstein:

Born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Virginia, Bob spent twenty years in Berlin, Germany. He is retired from the Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years of service. He has been featured on television's Fox Sports Net and in the men's lifestyle magazine RAZOR. July 6th, 2004, he will be featured on the History Channel's series "Tactical to Practical". His background is unique and diverse ... military instructor, attorney, motivational speaker, wellness coach, certified corporate trainer, certified personal trainer with ACE, and fluent in German and English. In furthering the fitness aspect of his military years, he started his own business "Fountain of Youth Fitness" and specializes in a military-style workout on Fort Lauderdale Beach that incorporates strength, cardio, flexibility and agility training, both personal training and group sessions. He is known as the Health Colonel and is a motivational speaker on topics of leadership, team building, sales, fitness, nutrition, health, wellness and the importance of the inter-relationships of people. Community service activities include volunteering as guest speaker for non-profit organizations, among others, the Arthritis Foundation and the Covenant House where he also trains juveniles on Fort Lauderdale Beach. He is also presently writing a book on health and wellness. His mission is to help others lead healthier and happier lives. More about the Health Colonel at

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