Deremiah, *CPE, A Powerful Visionary Creating Passionate Excitement & Showing You How to See Tremendous Images of Yourself In Order to Create "Massive Change" In Your Life As You Move Toward A Brighter Future Today

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Deremiah, CPE, once a hurting child At-Risk, now has a powerful vision of the future that allows him the unique ability to see what corporate giants can’t imagine and hear what CEO’s fail to take the time to listen to. Furthermore he’s not afraid to speak what others dare to say to a Coca-Cola, Pepsi generation of people who are hurting for “Life-Changing” knowledge. Deremiah possesses the rare gift of getting people to understand who they are while showing them how to take immediate control of their lives on a daily basis. 3ABN Radio host Cheri Peters was so impressed with what she read about Deremiah, *CPE, in a PRWEB press release, that she just did the most extensive forty-eight minute interview on the life story of this amazing motivational speaker/artist who almost lost his life after the divorce of his parents.

Chicago-St. Charles, IL (PRWEB) May 10, 2004 -- Just recently Cheri Peters Radio host of 3ABN, covered the fine details of Deremiah, *CPE, (Formerly known as Deremiah Phillips and through out childhood often called “Derry Phillips” or “Butterball”). She covered the story of his tragic youth and his rise to Beauty for Ashes. The details of this interview which should be heard by everyone revealed the determination, the perseverance and the true grit of a child who struggled with the thought of suicide after his parents divorced and the impact one woman named Lenzora Elliott had on his life. What makes this interview so special is that this once depressed child, broken and often lonely because of his mothers bouts with nervous breakdowns has now against all odds prevailed to become this years Winner of the coveted, Nightingale Conants, "Acres of Diamonds" award.    

On May 12th, Deremiah, *CPE, will be joined by 8 Glenwood School students he mentors in St. Charles, IL, to receive the “Acres of Diamonds” Award presented to him at the Nightingale Conant Headquarters in Niles, Illinois. Deremiah, *CPE, shared a little bit of what he will say to TV news reporters and newspaper writers that day. "It's not important that I receive the award but that people all over America began to recognize how precious human life is and equally how important it is now for us to take a stand to protect the world's most precious resource...Children At-Risk". The eight students that have agreed to stand with me are the true Acres of Diamonds. They represent the spirit of courage because in all of their lives courage has been necessary to endure the hardships they've suffered. My impact with these children society calls At-Risk has always been tremendous. I can identify with their generation because way before the government called them At-Risk I was one of them. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate what Nightingale Conant has done and will be doing to support me in my efforts to continue this great work. The only disappointment I have today is that there are other corporations out there who make billions of dollars off of these kids but they won't step up to the table, redirect some of the monies they are making to help me do something positive in kids lives."

Deremiah is the first Black American to receive this international award for his outstanding community work. He has reached the underserved communities with a focus on children At-Risk. The successful artist, entrepreneur and renowned motivator has been creatively changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids and adults for years with a system he calls “The Servant’s Mentality”. His efforts in the community are finally being recognized as some of the greatest work being done in American communities today. Teaching adults and children how to use idea generation with No-Money Down techniques and establish business with the aid of corporate sponsorship is extremely unique only because he’s gotten it to work. These are the keys to the kingdom that causes the empire of Deremiah, *CPE, to reach and change the lives of thousands of people.

No other speaker in the history of the motivational speaking industry has been through and lived to overcome the obstacles of life particular to Deremiah, *CPE. Having traveled the high roads and low roads of life he double majored in Art and Accounting while attending North Park University, at one time ranked one of US News top five small colleges in the nation. As a modern day visionary Deremiah has the amazing gift to encourage all he encounters with a passion that has made him a unique brand and he’s creating a world of followers who appreciate his unorthodox style.

In a world of typical, “no-risk” business players Deremiah, *CPE, is hot, passionate and definitely different. Like his predecessor of the "Acres of Diamonds" award Drew Carey, Deremiah can be funny but he ain’t no joke. Having received endorsements from major players in the publishing world like Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which has sold over 80, million books is not easy and can’t be taken lightly. Another motivational speaker who highly endorses Deremiah,*CPE is Les Brown. When introducing Deremiah to an audience of his fans Brown said "Deremiah's a bad, bad boy" when it comes to speaking presentations and keynotes.

Deremiah’s uses a system that works for At-Risk children and equally as well for Corporations At-Risk, CEO’s At-Risk, Sales people At-Risk and Marketing people At-Risk. His creative ideas do serve to help all who are willing to listen. He effortlessly creates at will the ideas others so desperately need. Deremiah’s solutions are for managers who in the past failed to listen to their internal customers (employees) and external customers (clients). His ideas have put relationships back in order restoring immediate growth in revenue and retention while eliminating unneeded expenses. The multi-talented Renaissance entrepreneur/artist has written over 6000 songs. He speaks from his heart saying what others fear to say in a kiss-up politically correct culture. Deremiah has been trying to encourage some of the Black magazine editors to present more motivational community based success stories. Asking them nicely to tone down some of the violent residual left over when they celebrate images of sexually motivated pop stars in order to measure the impact that local success stories bring.

What makes Deremiah, *CPE, so unique?

Deremiah, *CPE, has a unique work out regimen of running, weight training, combined with singing, praying and meditation. At least several times a day he grabs his book and journals. He reads anywhere from 5-10 internet newsletters. Does a daily dictionary search of up to 8 words. Deremiah reads at the very least up to 1.5 hours a day while most days he engages in reading up to 2-3 hours and sometimes all day on a weekend. Whenever you see him he's always reading a new book. The books he reads go from business and marketing to religion and health. He has some amazing friends and mentors that are some of this countries top speakers and authors. Deremiah, *CPE, creates customized motivational speaking presentations that he pours anywhere from 40-80 hours worth of observation, research, review and verbal repetition into.

Why Listen to Deremiah?

Deremiah, *CPE tells you how to overcome the negative by focusing on the intricate steps to building character. He can teach you "How To Make A Comeback" in a world where it appears you have nothing to get back. Successfully motivating crowds of people who have been knocked down but not out by life Deremiah, *CPE, encourages them to get up again and again and again when it seems there is nothing to live for. We believe this is why Deremiah, *CPE is in such tremendous demand. He gets results and you can read his endorsements by some of the leading thinkers, authors and speakers of our times.

You can support Deremiah's efforts to make it a brighter day for our youth by sending your gift to Glenwood School.

While some motivational speakers talk about their years of research Deremiah, *CPE, talks about his real life experiences. The fact that people have been moved to change their lives forever is what corporations and non-profit organizations believe makes his inspirational presentations so compelling. Deremiah talks heart to heart with his audiences about the wisdom he's extracted from his own challenges. He uses these overcoming experiences to add value to his training and speaking engagements.

Deremiah, *CPE, communicates effectively to corporate CEO's, pastors, presidents, and principals why at this time it is more important than ever for them to partner up with him to create world change for our youth. It's good to think that in Deremiah's birth month he is also receiving an award that is birthed out of his desire to see the lives of children restored. Nightingale Conant has already contacted him to set up the award presentation.

His life story was appropriate for April the month that President Bush observed National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness. By working with Deremiah, *CPE, you can say yes, I believe our youth do deserve a better life and I want to help do my part.

Les Brown Endorsed

"Deremiah has an amazing sensitivity for his audience and his ability to speak extemporaneously is powerful... People from all walks of life are being transformed by his words. Once you are exposed to his message your life will never be the same again." Les Brown, world renowned motivational speaker, and bestselling author said in a telephone interview. Whether you know Deremiah or not you have to consider that he gets more major benefits for companies and schools every single time he speaks.

Greeting Cards

His Greeting card concept has not only helped to raise thousands of dollars for children while transforming them into kidpreneur's but Deremiah's idea has helped to expand the footprint of organizations across the globe. Deremiah's Mentorship program has helped adults partner with children in one of the greatest win, win programs that ever hit the streets.

No Money Down

In 2003 with no advertising budget, no community contacts Deremiah took his idea for a "Glenwood Greeting Card Project" and started a grass roots campaign. His story ended up touching over 59,000 people through the SUN, St. Charles Republican, The Beacon News and The Courier Newspapers in the Dupage and Kane county areas. Reaching 17 suburban communities with the news that children at-risk can start a business from scratch and with no money down begin to build a greeting card empire, opened a lot of peoples eyes to the potential of kid power.

The Speaker Writes

Deremiah, *CPE can be contacted to write articles about Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Overcoming Depression or Suicide and helping Children At-Risk or even Children of the Mentally Ill. He has done many newspaper, magazine, radio and television interviews. Currently he is looking to publish his story. Call him now at (847) 917-0962. That's what radio host Cheri Peters did and she not only walked away with a very moving radio interview she and Deremiah are teaming up to help hurting youth all across America.

PRWEB Makes It Happen

Deremiah's PRWEB releases that went out in April have been picked up by over 738 media outlets. The releases received well over 77,602 hits and were viewed on (45) websites. More than we have time to name. This leads us to believe that Deremiah's story has been well reviewed. Read both of them now and tell 10 other people to tell 10 other people. (click here) (click here)

Deremiah, *CPE: The Key To "Life Changing" Presentations

Deremiah's Consultant: Janet Switzer

Deremiah's Corporate Sponsor: Mike Jais, Jais Inc.
Deremiah's Charity of Choice: Glenwood School
Deremiah's shining star: CMThomas, (at 21 Deremiah adopted CM Thomas who was 12 from the gang ridden Englewood community in Chicago.)

Robert Stuberg Raves

*Robert Stuberg, President of, boasts: "Deremiah's Passion and desire to see people succeed is evident and his gifts as a speaker and motivator are endless. His mission to be a world leader by effectively changing peoples' lives for the better is extraordinary. You owe it to yourself to hear Deremiah, *CPE. He is both life-changing and inspirational."

More About "America's Leading Master of Human Potential":

Deremiah's "Life Changing" presentations have reached tens of thousands of women and children all across the Will, Dupage, McHenry and Cook County areas in Illinois. From Kiwanis International to Junior Leagues and from Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce to Boys & Girls Clubs, Deremiah, *CPE, is an expert with the answers for our youth at-risk in America. Because he has an open door to the young people his sponsorship from corporate America is growing.

You can Be A Sponsor:

Now you can be a sponsor for poor schools in impoverished communities or non-profit organizations who would love to have Deremiah, *CPE, motivate their At-Risk students but they don't have the budget to hire a leading At-Risk speaking expert. When you sponsor Deremiah, *CPE, you get the name of your corporation printed on his brochures, flyers or postcard mailings. Partner with Deremiah, *CPE to create a special book, CD, music recording, pamphlet, commemorative pin, T-shirt, sticker or book bag for the occasion. Most corporations have an ad budget that they could easily use to create an effective outreach to turn our youth back into the right direction. Furthermore you could track your results for successful campaigns rather than never knowing the benefits of your ad dollars. On top of that it has great positive media effects for corporations who are trying to create a community focused image. Deremiah, *CPE, is an expert at generating this type of media attention for you. Or maybe you would just like to remain anonymous but actively involved in the fight to save our children. Whatever your reason for helping is do it today by calling (847) 917-0962 now and ask to speak to Deremiah, *CPE, and say "I've got resources and I would really love to help you reach children".

A Few of Deremiah's Awards:

North Park University, NCAA 3rd Division Football "Most Valuable Player"

North Park University, "Artist of the Year"

Museum of Science & Industry "Honorable Mention"

Ameritech Sales "100% CLUB"

SBC Ameritech's Winner of the "President's Ambassador Award" for great Security Consulting & superior Customer Service. (Out of 7,000 employees Deremiah received this award)

City of Chicago's "Principal For A Day"

ADT "Salesman of the Month"

Powerful Benefits

Deremiah, *CPE, gets these benefits for schools and even more benefits for companies he's consulted for: He is a leading expert at Creating positive edutainment and partnerships for corporations and schools through keynote presentations. His inspiration has been phenomenal and changing the lives of people is his daily mission in life. Deremiah, *CPE, has reached children and educational staff members so effectively that he is highly recruited by non-profit organizations and educational institutions who want a passionate presentation that's stimulating and full of energy.

Call Deremiah, *CPE

To contact him about a comprehensive training program that transforms your staff into *Customer Passion Evangelist, contact him at (847) 917-0962.

His presentations are 100% guaranteed to meet the total satisfaction of the corporate group hiring him or he promises to return every dime no questions asked. He's never had to return one penny of his fee in the thousands of presentations he's done and no other speaker makes this offer to their clients. All of his presentations are consistently done on a timely manner with a professional attitude and exclusively designed for the organizations needs.

Deremiah receives almost all of his business through referrals and recommendations. His inspiring presentations have opened the door for him to offer organizations and individuals personal training, coaching and consulting opportunities. His debut with Nightingale Conant is a tribute to his world class influence in the professional speaking industry. Speakers & Authors like Tom Peters, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Jay Conrad, Joe Vitale and Jay Abraham have been featured on the Nightingale Conant banner.

Deremiah, *CPE, endorsed by:

Chicken Soup for the Soul's Co-author, Mark Victor Hansen, Nido Qubein, Ken Davis, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and former Nightingale-Conant's Executive V.P., & President of Robert Stuberg.

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