BeautiControl Cosmetics DIQ Helps Customers Find Local Consultants Through New Website

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A new nationwide website directory of beauty consultants helps to match customers together with local BeautiControl Cosmetics consultants on

Local Independent BeautiControl DIQ Vickie Johnson of Chico, CA has introduced a new nationwide website to help match up customers to a local BeautiControl Cosmetics consultant. The website is a nationwide directory of beauty consultants on a fast growing team offering customized beauty services. Those interested in a BeautiControl career can inquire at about joining this team of beauty consultants and placing their information on

BeautiControl's Skin Age Analysis represents an exciting new approach in the customization of daily skin care. Instead of customizing according to skin condition — the method currently used by most major cosmetics/skin care companies — BeautiControl leads the way in customizing daily skin care according to the age your skin is acting.

As a complimentary service to consumers, new Skin Age Analysis with Time Sensors determines the age your skin is acting in just minutes. Based on your results, a customized Skinlogics daily skin care regimen can be recommended for you — regardless of your skin condition. Skin Age Analysis is so easy and quick, it can be performed at the office, on a lunch break, in the home — anywhere and any time you have a few minutes! To schedule your complimentary Skin Age Analysis, contact Vickie Johnson at

“The science of skin care has evolved and our approach is evolving with it,” says Gary Jones, vice president, product development. “The future of skin care is not about chronological age or skin condition, it’s about the age your skin is acting. Our skin is more a reflection of how we live rather than how long we’ve lived. You could be 30, but your skin could be acting 40! Time, the environment, stress and diet all play a role in the age your skin is acting and what it needs.

“New Skin Age Analysis with Time Sensors targets age-specific concerns such as loss of firmness, dryness, dullness, and lines and wrinkles. We know that the sooner you start caring for the age-specific needs of your skin, the longer it can retain its youthful properties.”

New Skinlogics goes beyond basic skin care to deliver advanced ingredients to help preserve and promote beautiful, youthful-looking skin. The products are formulated with Revitalin to help enhance skin metabolism, plus botanicals and vitamins A, C and E for healthy-looking skin.

The three Skinlogics systems include Skinlogics for skin that is acting under age 30; Skinlogics Gold for skin that is acting between 30 and 40 years of age; and Skinlogics Platinum for skin that’s acting age 40 plus. Each system includes a cleanser, tonic, moisturizer and the Skinlogics Facial Scrub.

Skinlogics: maintain and protect … for skin that’s acting under 30 The Skinlogics system is for women with little to no skin damage. It is formulated with specific ingredients to help maintain and protect youthful-looking skin. The Skinlogics system includes Cleansing Gel, Tonic, Moisturizer and Facial Scrub.

Skinlogics® Gold: prevent and correct …for skin that’s acting between 30 and 40 years of age Skinlogics Gold addresses loss of moisture, increased skin discoloration, the first signs of reduced elasticity and firmness, as well as the first signs of lines and wrinkles. The Skinlogics Gold system includes Cleansing Foam, Tonic, Moisturizer and Facial Scrub.

Skinlogics Platinum: correct and protect … for skin that’s acting 40+! Skinlogics Platinum benefits those experiencing increased signs of aging including loss of moisture, lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, dull skin, reduced clarity and uneven skin tone. The Skinlogics Platinum system includes Cleansing Foam, Tonic, Moisturizer and Facial Scrub.

Headquartered in a Dallas suburb, BeautiControl, Inc. is an international partyplan direct-sales company that provides an unlimited earnings opportunity for women to build successful home-based businesses while enjoying the freedom to live balanced and rewarding lifestyles. Women can earn fabulous rewards such as diamond jewelry, dream vacations, generous cash rewards and cars. More than 65,000 BeautiControl Independent Consultants have fun sharing the opportunity and helping people look and feel their best through complimentary Spa ESCAPEs and revitalizing spa products, complimentary Skin Age Analysis with Time Sensors, customized skin care through the ages, complimentary Image Parties and exclusive head-to-toe image services, personalized cosmetics, and specialty and wellness products. BeautiControl, a subsidiary of Tupperware® Corporation, is a member of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.

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