Just Because You're Lonely Doesn’t Mean You Have to Become a Politician. (dotWORLDS)

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In the corridors of power they know that if you (a) have no friends, and (b) are really desperate for a social life, then the only option for you is a career in politics....Read On.

Take for example Mr Clint Billon. An intelligent well-educated man, but with an uncontrollable passion for music and a habit of impromptu solo jazz performances on the Subways. So embarrassed were his friends and family that they totally exiled him. Alone and isolated, Clint found himself forced not only into politics but worse still, into running a whole country. This was not the future he had planned for himself, but he simply couldn’t take the risk of never getting invited to another social event for the rest of his life.

For Clint, running a country (no matter how nice) was no walk in the park. Certainly, it didn’t have anything to do with music. Clint scraped away at the job for a number of years, but in truth all he ever wanted to do was to play jazz. Then, one day, a resourceful Secret Service Agent stumbled on a way out. On the morning of Tuesday 20 May 2002, the Agent received some startling reports about a company called dotWORLDS. The reports said that dotWORLDS had recently released a brand new range of domain names on to the Internet. Now you could have domain names ranging from “.adorable” to “.usa” – and yes, there was even a “.music”. This news was to change Clint’s life forever.

Clint knew that there were over 26 million mostly forgettable .coms on the web. He also knew that an instantly recognisable website like say, http://www. jazz.music would always be remembered, when other websites never even get noticed. With this explosive information, Clint felt the time was right to try and break free. Maybe he could even make the grade!

Well, the next day, Clint went straight to dotWORLDS and got hold of that domain name. Now he plays jazz on the Internet http://www. jazz.music. This is a website that does exactly what it says, so no government health warning is needed. Clint’s brilliance has paid off and he’s even got a big fan club. No longer considered an embarrassment (especially with all those royalties coming in), friends and family cannot wait to have him back. Never again will Clint have to resort to politics just to get invited to parties.

So get with the programme and even if your idea of a sparkling nightlife is swapping a hot water bottle for an electric blanket, dotWORLDS can help. Yes, the agonising scenario of a “quiet night in” will soon be something you’ll only read about in history books.

dotWORLDS (http://www.dotworlds.net) building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names completely free to encourage more users to come aboard. Some of the totally free domain names currently on offer are ".cool", ".music" ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get these free domain names, simply visit http://www.dotworlds.net and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list

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dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized internet domains and email addresses, offering the widest range, both free and paid, through its global infrastructure. Please see website for full details.


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