Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists and Others Happy to Find Alternative to Hard-to-Eat Energy Gels

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SuperBites Inc. announces the introduction of SuperBites, the Energy Gel in a Tablet. SuperBites are an alternative to the popular but often difficult to swallow and hard to stomach energy gels. SuperBites provide the carbohydrate energy and electrolytes of a gel but in an easy-to-eat, great tasting tablet.

SuperBites Inc. has introduced SuperBites, the Energy Gel in a Tablet. SuperBites provide the carbohydrate energy and electrolytes of a gel, but in an easy-to-eat, great tasting tablet.

Energy Gels have become widely used by triathletes, runners, cyclists and other athletes around the world but it is often a love-hate relationship with the product. Gels provide the much needed carbs for training sessions and competitions, but for many, they are hard to swallow, hard-on-the-stomach, and they leave behind a sticky mess and litter.

As Fred Weston, co-founder and developer of SuperBites put it, “These challenges with energy gels were the inspiration for SuperBites. We figured there had to be an easier way to consume carbs and electrolytes during exercise.”

After two years of product development and testing, SuperBites were born. “You can either chew up a tablet and it dissolves in a few seconds or you can leave it in your mouth and it dissolves in about ten minutes. Either way, they taste great, they go down quick and easy, and they are very easy on your stomach,” said Mr. Weston.

Professional Triathlete and 2004 Olympic Torch Runner Tony DeBoom discovered SuperBites at his local running shop and has become an avid user. “My challenge when going at race pace has been to maintain a constant level of energy without upsetting my stomach. That’s why I was thrilled to discover SuperBites. They’re exactly what I was looking for. SuperBites make it easy to eat small doses of carbs at frequent intervals, which is the key to carb intake. They’re easy on my stomach and my energy is much more steady state. And they pack a surprisingly big punch for a seemingly small amount of carbs.”

With 15 calories of carbs per tablet, taking one SuperBite every 10 to 15 minutes provides 60 to 90 calories per hour of the fast acting carbs your body needs during exercise. For many athletes, this is enough to keep them going strong. For others, SuperBites provides a great way to increase and smooth out carb intake when used in conjunction with sports drinks, energy bars or even gels.

Here’s what SuperBites user and triathlete Kevin Smith had to say, “I tried SuperBites at the Spring Chill Triathlon in Loveland, Co. They were a great alternative to the gels that I have been using. I really felt that they gave me the same energy that the gels have given me in previous races. I took two as soon as I got out of the water and then one about every 10 to 15 minutes while biking and running.”

Triathlete Todd Mikolop combines SuperBites with his favorite sports drink, "Along with water and a sports drink, I've been taking one SuperBite about every 15 minutes and I never feel like I'm about to go over the edge into bonk territory. Bottom line: they taste good, go down easy, provide great energy, and don't give me an upset stomach."

Tanya Stamos, a competitor in the 2004 Boston Marathon, was glad to find SuperBites too. "There are lots of us who aren't gel lovers, so I was happy to discover SuperBites. I put a tablet in my mouth and let it dissolve slowly. It takes about 12 minutes to disappear and then I pop another one in. This is a real easy way to get the carbs I need while running and it doesn't require much water at all.”

SuperBites are a fresh alternative in a popular sports nutrition category. They are a welcomed addition for both the many athletes that struggle with energy gels and for those that are looking for an easy way to increase carb intake and maintain a more steady-state level of energy.

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