Theory of Evolution, written about secretly and published in 1888 under the title: THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

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I'm searching for a company that can sponsor the news release of a story that I feel concerns our society at large. I first studied the literature on the subject since college for 20 years. Then, when the idea "dawned" on me, I began to try to circulate the idea, but I am not doing very well at this and have worked for nearly 10 years with little success. Are there any funds that could sponsor the writing and publishing of a news story of this sort?

Religion lures you into the prospect of becoming a better person, only to let you down with the introduction of a new life form into your own body, mind, and emotional body. This type of deception should stop. People need to know what we are capable of and what we are capable of advancing for ourselves and for others.

My work has been in the form of studying recent religious literature and finding within one of the books a new theory of evolution. This new theory hasn't been understood properly and it is up to me to let others know what this book contains within it. The theory can be found explained on my webpage at

I did not write this theory. The author wrote it so obviously in a way that she intended for it to remain secret. H. P. Blavatsky titled her book: THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Since I am now able to explain this theory of evolution, which she wrote down for us, what she wrote as a puzzle is now open for everyone to marvel at, study, and learn from or explore further.

If religion is only for the reception of a higher kingdom into an existence on earth, then we need to know that this is its purpose.

If we choose to use religion to further the aims of the human kingdom, then we need to know that barter, trade, coercion, and any ethical tactics are capable of being used for that purpose.

However, if we think we are going to become accepted into a society of advanced life forms by practicing religion, then we are sadly and sorely mistaken and we need to WAKE UP to the prospect of our future as it truly exists. We may be able to develop alongside this kingdom, but we do not know how to satisfy even rudimentary rules or conditions of cooperating and extending our reach into unknown spheres with their aid.

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