Hidden Camera Captures Ex-lover on Rampage of Revenge

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"Busted" is real life video that documents one woman's Relentless attempts to avenge her ex-lover's decision to end their romance. Ignoring a restraining order, she's caught by a hidden camera as we watch her trash his living space. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, this is one romance with only one place to go -- the court of law.

"Busted!" is a 37-minute reality video that is actually real. No auditions, no contrived scenes, no wannabe actors, looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a TV deal. Instead, "Busted!" is a riveting series of scenes from a hidden video camera. It chronicles the decline and fall of a romance between two very real people, ending in court, while portraying one woman's startling obstinacy and self-obsession as she unknowingly

reveals herself again and again and again.

When his romance with his live-in girlfriend fell apart, the video's narrator knew it would be some time before they could work out new accommodations. As a temporary arrangement, he moved into the second bedroom, making that room his home.

But he knew the character of his girlfriend only too well by this time, and knew that her prying nature and her suspicions of him would rapidly overcome her, and so he set a kind of trap for her. Partly for his own protection as well, he installed a video camera in his bedroom.

Sure enough, he had read his former lover right. When he returned to his room the first time and played back the videotape, he saw her creeping into the room and going through his things.

As the atmosphere between them deteriorated further, he locked the room. Now each time he returned, he saw her breaking the door off its hinges, breaking in smashing things, throwing his clothes and possessions on the floor. Naturally, he turned to the law for protection and got a restraining order against her.

Expertly edited and with the courtroom scene finely re-created on the soundtrack by skilled actors, this is a unique, sad and often hilarious journey through a couple's rocky ride to final separation.

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