America Now Offers a New “Spin” in Hygiene! AmeriSwiss, reported as being the first complete touch-free solutions restroom company is seeking investors to back its National expansion.

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L Paul Schmidt, President of AmeriSwiss regards the worldÂ?s first robotic self-cleaning toilet seat as a major breakthrough for hygiene in public restrooms. AmeriSwiss is reported to offering very unique hygienic products to the United States and has ongoing research to develop their own intelligent brands. Â?Our goal is to raise between $1,500,000 and $5,000,000 over the next six monthsÂ?. AmeriSwiss will be filing Regulation D with SEC within the next fourteen days.

“What sets us apart from other ground-floor opportunities is real public pressure to provide safer environments in the American restroom” says L Paul Schmidt. The myriad of opportunity for personal investors and investor groups has not seen the likes of this in quite some time. In a recent survey done by Kimberly-Clark, over 70% surveyed stated that dirty and unsanitary restrooms were their number one complaint at businesses. In that same survey, over 62% felt the best improvement was to have restrooms Touch-Free.

While public demand is blatant, business owners have been slow in meeting the public’s needs. Part of the reason for this according to AmerSwiss is that no one company came to the forefront while utilizing technological advancements to form a complete cohesive system and improve restroom cleanliness. The other reason is today’s business owners don’t realize how unsafe their restrooms are because you can’t decipher the buildup of bacteria with the naked eye. “And what they don’t see, they don’t know” says L Paul Schmidt. “I have taken many photos of public restrooms and witnessed dirty toilet seats, un-flushed urinals, underwear in urinals, urine on the floor and used soap all over the countertops”. Quite amazingly many of these restrooms reported their premises were cleaned 20 minutes earlier. Customers pay their hard earned money and don’t expect to clean the restroom before dining.

One of AmeriSwiss’s intelligent products is a self-cleaning toilet seat. This seat actually cleans itself in a 14 second spin cycle after each use by waving your hand over a sensor.

As well, with the sound of a flush, the cleaning cycle starts and is 100% hygienically ready and cleaned for the next use.

Other key products are the feminine hands-free hygiene boxes for disposing sanitary napkins, attractive and simple touch-free soap and towel dispensers and most currently waterless urinals to preserve Americas water. All these products are designed to improve customer relationships for businesses while lowering labor costs. A true win-win for all.

When Mr. Schmidt was asked if he believed that 100% of the responsibility was left to the proprietor for clean restrooms, the answer was no. “The people frequenting the restrooms are not lifting the toilet seat and it’s creating a mess”. At the same time, the business owners still need to take better action so their guests, employees and clients see that there is a sense of responsibility in building a cleaner environment while building a more trusting relationship.”

AmeriSwiss is so certain that they can solve the concerns of American cleanliness that they’ve adopted the position of “You’re In The CleanZone” thanks to Howard Lenick of International Restrooms Products Inc. in Canada. “Till we hooked into Mr Lenick’s concept, we truly didn’t have a strategy that made people understand the benefits of hygiene in the restrooms” according to Paul.

It’s been a successful year for Mr. Schmidt and even though he has financed this business to date, AmeriSwiss now knows that further working capital is required to take this business to the next level for marketing it coast to coast and developing new products.

One of the current projects is a touch-free door entry system for public restrooms. The need was in consideration for physically challenged people. “Imagine yourself in a wheelchair trying to enter or exit a restroom” Paul stated. As well, Mr. Schmidt let us in some future plans in developing a unique light system that will save hotels 15 to 25 percent on their utility bills. There was no further comment due to the proprietary nature of this product and is still under development.

When we asked Paul what kind of investors he was looking for, he said” those who would become dealers for us in a selected market and those who are passive investors.

The first group “Dealers” along with an investment will be considered upper management and develop their markets as a dealer for our system. The second group “passive investors” will be guaranteed a 15% return for the first three years. They would start with a debt investment and at the end of three years be able to cash their investment for face value or convert it to an equity investment at a value of $1.00 a share regardless of share value at that time.

The minimum investment for a dealer investment would be $150,000 of which $50,000 would apply to stock inventory. They should also have approximately $50,000 to $100,000 working capital. The minimum for a passive type investment would be $50,000.

AmeriSwiss will issue 10,000,000 shares of common stock and each share will be sold for $1.00. 5,000,000 of those shares will be held by ASC International Holdings, LLC the parent company owned by L Paul Schmidt. The other 5,000,000 shares will be the ones for investors to purchase.

We asked Paul if he would ever consider taking the company public. He stated, “It’s too early to make a decision like that. We have to see where we are in five years. Then let the board and shareholders determine what direction to take next.”

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