Welcome to Terra City (Part 2: The Project)

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Terra City is an unprecedented global project meant as a concrete step to a Human Era on earth. Here is the invitation launched to every thinking being on the planet to build, benefit and enjoy Terra City, as launched by author Dan Bostan.

"Try to imagine yourself a few years from now. You are flying in an airplane towards a unique place on Earth when you hear the attendant's announcement: ‘Attention please, if you look through the window you can see our destination.’

Looking through the airplane window you distinguish a sort of a city shaped similar to... the map of the world, with all the continents and the oceans around them, and all the countries of the globe with borders of… multicolored flowers. This is Terra City, a special place on Earth where people are building a model of a better world and a human experience as we never lived before.

It all started a few years ago with a thought - that life on Earth could be much better for all of us, that we have the solution for that already in our souls and minds, and all we need is a proper ‘form’ to gather it all together. This is how a piece of land somewhere on Earth was chosen to become Terra City.

A map of the globe was drawn on that land and each country was assigned a piece similar in shape and proportionate with the size and population of the real country. Each nation of the world was invited to participate and create its little Terra Country as the most representative image of its people:

Dear Friends from all over the World - Welcome to Terra City!

We all know how many awful things can be done, and have been done in the world throughout our history. Now we need to see what wonderful things we can also do. We all have countless reasons to feel distrustful and disgusted about so many dreadful aspects of our world today. However, looking back in our history to the great masters of humanity such as Gandhi, Mandela, Gorbatchev and others, we can see that nevertheless, anything is possible in life, that compassion, consideration and faith in the good side of human beings is not an utopian idea but the most powerful liberating force there is, and the only one that can offer a true, lasting victory in life.

As you do for the Olympic Games when you search for the best athletes in your country to represent you, do the same now. Gather the most creative people of your country: artists, writers, composers, scientists, inventors and discoverers - the most beautiful minds and souls your nation has been blessed with - and challenge them to find the most inspired ways to reach the human cord of all their countrymen, and together to contemplate their lives, their country and the entire world as never before.

Invite them to use the most daring shapes, colors and sounds to express the most of their people, their country, culture and history; the greatest lessons learned from the evolution of mankind, and to shape the kind of world they wish their children and grandchildren to live in.

Imagine that aliens from other civilizations would look at your Terra Country trying to figure out the entire potential of your people, the highest human performance they are capable of and how they see their future in their nicest dreams. For this is what Terra City intends to be - the image of the best of the entire world and an inspiration for the human spirit to strive together for even better.

After visiting Terra City, each one of us will return to our country, our city, our workplace, our church and our home carrying with us its spirit, eager to share it and multiply it with others; a bit more human than when we left, a bit more loving, a bit more conscientious, a bit more humble and a bit more daring. Thus Terra City will inspire a better life in cities, towns and villages across the globe, and will help each of us reach that sublime point in our evolution that Abraham Maslow called ‘self-actualization’ or the best that we can be. As Rudyard Kipling beautifully expressed it in his awesome poem ‘If’ about a hundred years ago:

‘Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

And - which is more - you’ll be a Man, my son!’”

“These are the author’s thoughts about Terra City,” say Dan Bostan, “but much more important are Your thoughts and those of every man and woman on this planet? How do you envision Terra City? What are your expectations, hopes and possibly concerns about Terra City? Which country do you think is best fitted to host Terra City?”

Dan Bostan and publisher Human Wisdom welcome everyone to express their opinion on any aspect related to Terra City project. All relevant questions, comments, suggestions and articles received will be considered for publication in a synergic edition of the book.

Excerpts from each chapter of Terra City can be read at

Terra City book is available at Amazon.com


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