International Sales Explode for New American Sinus & Headache Breakthrough

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A unique American product known as "The Sinus Buster" is quickly gaining a global reputation as the ultimate chronic sinus, allergy, and headache reliever. This "one of a kind" nasal spray is made with (capsaicin), an all natural hot pepper extract that's known to stop major headaches in seconds. Due to huge worldwide demand, the Sinus Buster is now available throughout Europe.

A small American company may have stumbled onto a true medical breakthrough for relieving chronic sinus and headache problems. The company is SiCap Industries of New York, and their miracle product is known as "The Sinus Buster".

The Sinus Buster is the world's first nasal spray made with all natural hot pepper extract. The formula is a carefully guarded secret that combines two unique varieties of a pepper extract known as "Oleoresin Capsicum". The Capsicum is then mixed with other natural ingredients in a temperature controlled process to create the Sinus Buster formula.

"It took us a few years to figure out that using two different capsicum extracts was part of the key to making this formula into the ultimate headache stopper. Another interesting thing we learned was that by controlling the temperature variables at which the caspicum was mixed, we could also improve on the long and short term effects of the capsicanoids found in the resin. We then combine this mixture with certain other all natural ingredients to create the nasal spray. Although the formula is simple enough, the mixing process is actually complicated," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

Capsicum is widely used in the commercial food industry to pepper up giant quantities of spicey foods with only the smallest amount of active ingredient. Basically, Capsicum in its' natural resin form can provide food manufacturers the pepper taste without the pepper cost. In fact, Capsicum is so powerfully concentrated, it takes less than (.25 liters) to spice up (40,000 liters) of commercially produced spaghetti sauce. Capsicum is also widely used in popular arthritis pain creams, self defense pepper sprays, and natural insect repellents, but SiCap Industries is the first to use it in a commercially marketed nasal spray.

When the Sinus Buster was first introduced in the United States only six months ago, it became an instant hit with chronic sinus and allergy sufferers. Within weeks after hitting the market, the American media was already producing stories featuring people who praised the Sinus Buster for changing their lives.

Steve Fellows, a faithful Sinus Buster user from the start, says the SiCap product is the first thing that ever worked for his chronic sinus symptoms. In fact Fellows was so impressed with the product, he offered to do a testimonial for a Sinus Buster radio commercial.

"I've tried everything out there. Over the counter stuff and prescription, but the sinus buster is the first thing that I can say really worked. It's definitely the most powerful nasal spray in the world, and believe there's probably a billion people out there who need it," Fellows adds.

Believe it or not, Steve Fellows isn't far off the mark. More than 60 million Americans have chronic sinus symptoms, and another 35 million experience chronic headaches. Worldwide, the numbers top one billion respectively, and many of them live within the European continent.

"When we started to market sinus buster, we knew it would sell like crazy here in America, but we definitely weren't ready for the international sales. Within a month after we launched on the web, 15% of our orders were coming from other countries -- especially in Europe. We never advertised internationally, but somehow they were finding us. Recently there's been a ton of media from overseas calling to cover the sinus buster. In the United Kingdom, we've had inquiries from some very major magazines and television outlets It's just amazing how the sinus buster has spread worldwide," says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

The buzz about Sinus Buster has become so big throughout Europe, SiCap Industries has inked a deal with an exclusive distributor based in The Netherlands. Development Investment is a direct marketing company with interests throughout the Europe. Their plan is to market the Sinus Buster directly to the European nations through a network of websites.

Officials at Development Investment say the European market is ripe for a product like the Sinus Buster. With sinus and headache sufferers numbering in the millions, and a new trend toward all natural health products, both SiCap Industries and Development Investment plan to take the market by storm.

"The Euro is strong against the dollar, and the market is huge over there. Europeans also seem to really appreciate the advantages of all natural herbal based products. There's big interest over there concerning natural health products. We get emails from doctors in Europe all the time interested in trying the sinus buster, but it's a tough place to market to as an American company because of language differences and the difference in currency. So it really makes sense for us to hook up with a distributor for Europe," says Wayne Perry, inventor of the original Sinus Buster formula.

Paul Castelein of Development Investment is excited about the prospect of marketing the Sinus Buster nasal spray in Europe. There company has already set up three major websites to serve Europe as a whole.

"In the Netherlands we have (, and for Europe as a whole we have ( However for the UK, we also have( to address the use of the pound sterling instead of euros. And we have plenty of media interest already. In fact, although we are already taking orders on our websites, the big launch will be in June when the media stories start to break throughout Europe. It's a wonderful product and we already have happy customers right here at home," says Castelein.

Officals at SiCap Industries say interest from the European media is growing fast. They've even heard from some very large magazines such as "Reader's Digest UK" and others. By the end of July 2004, SiCap Industries is expecting to sell thousands of Sinus Busters across Europe every week. Considering the huge success they've had in the United States, the Sinus Buster should become the most famous sinus, allergy, and headache reliever in Europe.

For more information about purchasing the Sinus Buster hot pepper capsaicin nasal spray within Europe, visit the following websites.

For Europe as a whole: (

For the United Kingdom: (

For orders and information within the United States: (

For media inquiries within Europe contact Development Investment through email at: (

For media inquiries within the United States contact Wayne Perry at SiCap Industries through email at: (

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