Duane Cash and Phet Cash Art Quickly Becoming America's Art Couple - Offering "Da Vinci's Cubist Supper" and "My Idol" at Auction

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Duane Cash and Phet Cash Art Quickly Becoming America's Art Couple - Offering "Da Vinci's Cubist Supper" and "My Idol" at Auction. Collector Seek Out Asian Abstract Acrylic Knife Drawings and Renaissance-style Oil Paintings from the Wide Offerings of the Artist Couple in Numbers

American/Asian artist couple, Duane and Phet Cash have experienced a great deal of press lately, and for good reason. Duane and Phet Cash have experiences a wide variety of offers and deals with galleries, art shops, and collectors who have discovered this New Mexico couple's works of fine art on eBay, the online auction site.

Entering in their website gallery at Cash Art Studio (http://www.cashartstudio.com) the visitor quickly discovers the wealth of the couple's art offerings. Duane Cash, an EBSQ Certified Artist, Inventor/Builder of the Rubik's Triamese and Fusion Cubes in the Duane Cash Cube Collection, and a former and sometime part-time web and logo designer, offers a variety of paintings styles for the avid art collector to browse. The Albuquerque-born American Artist and UNM Graduate with a B.A. in English/Media Studies, offer collectors cubist, abstract, modern contemporary, still-life, vintage-style, religious and landscape works of fine art in acrylic and oil.

One current work being offered is "Da Vinci's Cubist Supper," a 48 x 24 cubist style rendition of Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." The oil painting is expected to sell anywhere between a $1000-$9000. Some experts have noted various subtle elements of the painting and the Renaissance painting code layering technique that may send this painting "through the roof" after the auction. After-auction expectation are extremely hight for the piece based on new revelations about Leornardo Da Vinci, his paintings and inventions, and the similarities that have surfaced regarding works from Duane Cash. It has also be noted that both artist/inventors are primarily left-handed in most things they do.

Duane Cash also has vibrant tree landcape works with earthy landscapes in his "Friends" series landscapes that have done well in auctions. One such work offered recently is title "Best Friends." This series has caught the specific attention of Dallas-Forth Worth collectors, as well as art enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

Phet Cash, the Asian/Laotian-born abstract EBSQ Artist, paints with this strokes of color, using only a palette knife to create many of her original abstract works. Some of her figure and animal abstract knife drawings have caught the eye and interest of many around the world.

One painting affered currently title "My Idol" exhibits the flowing and rich colors in the background and confident palette knife strokes that make up the central woman figure at the painting's central theme. The figure graces the canvas with a hand raised triumphantly high above her head.

Another work of fine abstract art from Phet, titled "Young Woman," exhibits and abstract figure that is truly mesmorizing in her gracious appearance on the canvas. Although the abstract paintings are primarily done simply in cadmium red, yellows, orange, and black, the black knife drawn figures exhibit subtleties that make them as powerful as many impressionist and realism paintings we have seen in the past.

A recent painting of Phet's, called "Cowboy" caught the attention of a recent purchasor for $2500.00. Other paintings in this style have easily seen bids starting at $500 and quickly running up the scale when bidders compete for ownership of the painting in the end.

Duane Cash has seen similar interest in his works. A recent painting entitled "Da Vinci's Defense," was sold at auction for $2500.00 and other titles like "Da Vinci's Apples," "Tuscany Fields," and "New Red Apple" have all received starting bids of $500.00 before going up at the auctions end.

Their success, due in part to the sudden increase in traffic in google and other search engines, has sparked somewhat of an art trend not seen for some time. Just looking up "Duane Cash Art" and "Phet Cash Art" on google or ebay, provides the Internet surfer with a wealth of information on the history and current works of the artist couple.

In a few short months the visits to http://www.cashartstudio.com and their eBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/CASH-ART-STUDIO have seen a wider amount of traffic. Cash Art Studio has surged in visits to over 70,000 since they opened their online website in January. Although Cash Art Studio receives many new eBay buyers making Duane Cash or Phet Cash painting their first purchase online, the couple does receive a great share of repeat visitors purchasing several paintings.

A London-based website and shop, Mahjong Jade (http://www.mahjong.com) has recently adorned their gallery with Duane Cash and Phet Cash paintings won and purchased from the Cash Art Studio on eBay. Many these works have retail gallery list prices in range of thousands of dollars, but some were acquired by the London company for around $400 to $500 (a bargain in light of the increasing gallery values). The paintings of Duane and Phet Cash can be found in the website's "Lifestyle Range" category under "Laotian Art."

A recent offer from an Oregan-based company to purchase/commission over a dozen abstract and cubist paintings from Duane and Phet Cash with gallery list prices of $2500 and above in exchange for real estate of like value. The couple is still make transaction arrangements and the exchange is in its beginnings stages.

Besides recent articles in artdaily.com and appearances of the art in European and U.S. galleries, such as the Rice Gallery in Kansas, Duane Cash paintings, like Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, and Cezanne paintings of past, have also experienced attempts from voracious art seller's to sell fake Duane Cash paintings. Cash Art Studio received news from a buyer recently that a painting signed D. Cash was sold to them by a mid-west art dealer. The painting, a Mike Piazza portrait, was recognized immediately as a fake by the artist, who has never made such a painting.

"It is sad to see what people will do to make a dollar of one's name," says Duane Cash of the incident. "But at the same time it is a bit flattering to know that your works have gained such popularity."

Duane and Phet Cash original acrylic and oil paintings have proven that a couple who works together side-by-side can accomplish recognition independently in their careers with love, hard work, inspiration, and determination.

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