The High Gas Buck Stops Where?

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To find out where the high gas price buck stops, put politicians where theyÂ?ve never been before. In the hot seat. Non-answers are no longer acceptable. ItÂ?s up to taxpayers and voters to hold politiciansÂ? feet to the fire about the high price of gasoline Â? send an "Inquiry" from the Web site loaded with questions that needs answering! It's the old fashioned American Way --- taxpayer pressure.

The high gas price bucks starts and stops with elected politicians. Now put politicians where they’ve never been before. In the hot seat. Non-answers are no longer acceptable.

Politicians can do something to reduce foreign oil dependency and skyrocketing gas prices, but they’ve done nothing so far. And they’ll remain silent and inactive until the public shows their outrage and get pols to ‘fess up to any "conflict of interests." If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself when you get stiffed with high gas prices. America needs gutsy people and provocative media to get the word out and demand more made-in-USA energy sources.

The Foreign Oil Independence League (FOIL) will provide the tools. “Mad as Hell” Americans must offer the muscle.

Ask the right questions.

Log on to You will find this downloadable "Inquiry" to email, fax or mail to your representatives in Washington to rattle their cages about Washington's non-action that's causing high gas prices and blood-for-oil wars.

The "Inquiry" is the good old fashioned American way for you to get answers and help create a national debate to make all our elected politicians answerable, accountable and responsive to the need for made-in-USA energy sources.

What a great way to let public servants know that America can no longer afford to deny our foreign oil addiction and get off their gas.


1. There is a connection between terrorism, foreign oil and pipeline politics that's been threatening America for decades.

True False

2. Foreign oil producing countries fund terrorism?

True False

3. All Americans would be better off, safer and more secure if they could pump more USA made fuels into their car instead of foreign oil based gasoline.

True False

4. Cheap made-in-USA energy such as ethanol, wind, solar and biomass are available and happening, but at a snail's pace.

True False

5. Building a huge made-In-USA energy industry will create millions of well-paid US jobs that cannot be outsourced.

True False

6. Congress is throwing more than enough money at making made-in-USA energy readily available sooner than later.

True False

7. The 2003 Energy Bill recently is nothing more or less than corporate welfare at the expense of the average taxpayer. Not only that, it is a bonus for terrorists who thrive on every Yankee greenback that gets sucked into the overseas pipeline and spit out into the oil pits of the Middle East.

True False

8. Politicians that supposedly work for the public have a “conflict of interest” by accepting campaign funds from oil companies?

True False

9. Do you have an obligation to tell the people that put you into office why Washington politicians, automobile manufacturers and oil companies are reluctant to market alternative energy like ethanol and bio diesels with the same competitive ferocity they display to market cars, Hummers and SUVs?

True False

10. Are you aware that an organized people’s group can make their congresspersons cringe by demonstrating a). voter clout and, b). using America’s free enterprise system to match special interests control on elected officials.

True False

11. When your gas gauge drops to “E” do you think about what you’ve done to support the proliferation of much-needed made-in-USA alternative fuels.

True False

IF you answered nine or more more questions “True” THEN, what are doing to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and building a made in USA energy industry.

Thank you,

Sign it --- My name is_________________ and I approve of this message.

Log on to for the “Inquiry” and addresses for all elected officials.

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