All of Us Smokers and Non-Smokers alike Can See the Problem "No Smoking" Indoors Has Caused Outdoors.

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Thousands of Cigarette Butts are littering our communities' parks and sidewalks. We need to take charge of this overlooked problem before it is too late. Is it possible to keep the cigarette litter off the ground?

Smoke Free Indoors are becoming more and more common in North America. No Smoking Indoors is a great benefit for non-smokers, children, and even smokers who want to enjoy a clean health environment during lunch, or seeing a film, or indulging in a romantic evening out with that special someone. You can enjoy that meal without having cigarette smoke blown in your face (yes I am guilty). But as we all know, solving one problem creates a different problem. All of us smokers are being pushed outside, and where do we put our cigarette butts? On the ground? In the flower pot? Flick it on the grass? Or maybe even stepping on it in an attempt to make it go away. Does it really go away? How many thousands of cigarette butts do you see littered in front of your favorite restaurant. Or, in the spring when the snow melts, what is that growing on the grass?? Are those little flowers trying to sprout...?? Look Closer... WOW, those are Thousands and Thousands of cigarette butts that have been littered over the seasons, and sprouting an unsightly sight in the spring. Where did they all come from!? I don't want my children playing in that park. What if their curiosity leads them to ingesting one of those harmful cigarette butts?

It takes 7 years for 1 cigarette butts to decompose. Each year, 4.7 Trillion cigarette butts are littered into our environment. That means, in 7 years there is a build up of over 30 trillion cigarette butts before decomposition takes effect. Think about how many thousands of gallons of chemicals are being released into our environment from those cigarette butts over time.

The public has to become aware of the dangers a tiny cigarette butt causes to our environment. If everyone could take that extra step and dispose of there cigarette butt properly, we would have a brighter future for our children.

Cigarette Disposal Units need to become more readily available for public use in all of our communities.

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