Finally a Solution for Washing Machine Pollution

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Every year homeowners spend millions of dollars dealing with plugged sewer lines. They pay plumbers to snake their pipes or use harsh (and often dangerous) chemicals to get their drains open. And then there is the damage to carpets, hardwood floors, furniture, and the health dangers raw sewage in a home brings. However a simple product developed for the septic industry could put an end to this problem for many.

Studies have shown that a typical family will discharge enough material fibers, or lint, down the drain to carpet a living room floor every year and these fibers are a major source of clogged pipes. But when it comes to septic systems the damage is magnified because that lint does more than just plug drains, it also plugs the soil causing the system to fail and when a septic system fails it can be more than an inconvenience, it can also pollute the local water supplies.

To compound the problem, most clothing and carpeting is now manufactured with polyester and nylon and synthetic materials will never breakdown in a septic system. Today approximately 30% of the homes in the U. S. are on a septic system and the number is increasing by 500,000+ every year. At the same time the rate of system failure is increasing dramatically.

Obviously a solution was needed because washing machine manufacturers began phasing out built-in lint traps 20 years ago and until now, homeowners could only use lint screens and (used) nylon socks to keep the lint from going down the drain. However, both of these solutions present problems: they are not effective filters (only trapping a small amount of the lint being discharged) and they can only be used with a laundry tub and most homes no longer have laundry tubs opting instead for a wallbox or standpipe. Even with a tub they often fall off the end of the hose and plug the drain causing a flooded laundry room.

The Filtrol-160 was developed to specifically deal with the lint problem. It is a reusable filter that attaches to the washing machine discharge hose and removes this damaging material before it goes down the drain to plug pipes and septic systems. And it is a sealed system that can be used with a wallbox, standpipe or laundry tub. The use of this filter is so promising that several states are considering making it a code requirement because they are finding it's much easier and cheaper to prevent a septic system from failing than it is to get someone to replace a failed system.

However homes on city sewer are discovering the Filtrol-160 as well. “The filter was profiled on a popular home improvement show in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and the phones didn’t stop ringing for weeks.” Says the President of Septic Protector. “The thing that amazed us was the numbers of orders from the people on city sewer. Many of them said they had been looking for a filter like this for years.”    

The Filtrol-160 retails for about $150.00 and comes complete with a bracket, hose, fittings and an extra filter element. The filters are can be cleaned and used again. The company offers the product with a 90-day money back guarantee. “We give the customer 3 months because we know once they hook it up and see what they are putting down the drain, the filter is no longer an optional product - it becomes a necessity.”

Homeowners can contact the company directly at 1-888-873-6505 or view the web site at

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