Ask Not What a “.COM” Can Do For You - Ask What You Can Do With a “.USA”

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With over 27 Million ".COMs" sold, many of them overwhelmingly forgettable, the launch of ".USA" and other new domain names - including those you can create yourself - provide almost unlimited possibilites for those seeking relevant and memorable options (

Internet users around the world now have the tools to create domain names with any extension, and are no longer limited to ".com", ".net", or other previous extensions. This breakthrough offers the end user much more relevancy, with domain names that are easier to handle, remember and use. Implementation of these domain names requires no more than a simple configuration, and none of the complicated delegation and name server manipulation required for old domain names.

dotWORLDS Ltd., the UK-based company specializing in domain names, has launched its "Create Your Own" domain name system. Coupled with the ability to choose a free or paid domain, Internet users can now break free from the unwieldy .com/net/org restrictions to register names that truly reflect their websites and content.

Restrictions on domain names no longer exist. Any extension is available, and users can opt for fun (http://www. jody.millionaire), business (http://www., personal (http://www. john.smith) or plain wacky (http://www. twinkle.twinkle) domain names. Not only do they more accurately describe the websites they represent, they are much easier to remember and significantly shorter than similar options in the old domain name structure.

dotWORLDS' domain names differ from the current limited range by providing the ability to create new extensions, or TLDs. Until now, any user who wanted a domain had to choose a word (e.g. Apache) and one of a limited number of extensions (.org), thus forming a domain name (http://www., http://www., http://www. The limited number of extensions available has created a complicated and thorny domain name market, where virtually anything a user might want has already been registered (in many cases by speculators). When people do find a domain name they can use, it sometimes tends to be either very long (http://www. or full of slashes and hyphens, irrelevant and not memorable.

The dotWORLDS system has been developed to offer simple but effective domain name management, with little input required from the user to set up the domain. There is a selection of free domains so users can test the system before taking the plunge. People with websites or domains already up and running on the Internet will find it easy to use their new dotWORLDS domain name with the websites they already have in place, where they will be able to run their old and new domain names in parallel to increase their Internet presence.

Brian Retkin, director of dotWORLDS Ltd., said, "The domain names market needs a breath of fresh air, and this is it. Our systems offer users choice in what used to be an increasingly restricted market, now people can use domain names for what they were intended: a memorable, relevant and fun way for people to find websites and content on the Internet. We have already seen communities springing up around some of the free domains that we offer, such as .radio, and with the freedom to invent Internet addresses they really want, people are turning to these dotWORLDS to express themselves."

About dotWORLDS Ltd.

dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized Internet domains, offering the widest range of free and paid domain names available through its global infrastructure. Please see website for full details

dotWORLDS ( building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names completely free to encourage more users to come aboard. Some of the totally free domain names currently on offer are ".cool", ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get these free domain names, simply visit and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list

dotWORLDS spam free email system, currently being upgraded, will enable dotWORLDS domain owners to communicate both with each other and the outside world. Crucially however, the system has been designed to ensure that outside world of spam will not be able to reach any dotWORLDS domains. dotWORLDS looks now to be the only true spam free system around. See dotWORLDS website for full details. Free plug in required to view domains. Free unlimited and unspammable email addresses for every domain name as standard.


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