LowCarb Dieter opens Store for LowCarb and Diabetics

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LowCarb Lifestyles in Inverness opened in April to provide products and resources to LowCarb dieters and Diabetics. Matthew Machen, the owner of LowCarb Lifestyles, has lost 60 pounds while following a LowCarb diet. He and his wife, Stephanie, opened the store in a desire to help others understand LowCarb and achieve the health and weight they have always desired.

LowCarb Lifestyles, a unique food store has openen in Birmingham in Inverness Corners with LowCarb products and support for LowCarb dieters and Diabetics. Matthew Machen, who has lost sixty pounds on a LowCarb diet, and his wife Stephanie, a Registered Nurse, have opened LCL to help others understand the benefits of LowCarb Living. LowCarb Lifestyles will provide a greater assortment and quantity of foods normally restrictive to LowCarb dieters and Diabetics.

“We are committed to helping LowCarb Lifers and diabetics achieve the health and weight they desire” says Matthew about their philosophy on helping dieters. Matthew, overweight most of his life, began a LowCarb diet because of his frustrations over low-fat and other fad diets he had tried. “I know how it feels to be over 300 pounds, have high blood sugar, and feel fatigued 24/7. LowCarb changed my life. My energy and health returned and my blood sugar stays in the ‘normal’ range.” Matthew is a testament to the benefits of LowCarb living. He still has 30-40 pounds to go so he understands what most LowCarb dieters are going through.

Matthew and Stephanie believe that many people do not understand the health benefits of LowCarb living and are misinformed about LowCarb diets. According to research, LowCarb living has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, headaches, fatigue, arthritis, and other common maladies. The reduction in body fat is a side benefit. “Research proves beyond a doubt that LowCarb is not only a great way to lose weight, but, more importantly, a way to improve your health. During the past thirty years of America’s Low-Fat indoctrination, America’s obesity and diabetic rates have skyrocketed to epidemic proportions. 65% of America is now considered overweight or obese and Alabama’s Diabetic rate is the highest in the nation at 10%.    Low Fat doesn’t work but LowCarb does.”

LowCarb Lifestyles staff will help end people’s confusion between LowCarb and Low-Fat products and diets. “All our products have Low Carbohydrate counts. If you are a LowCarb Lifer or Diabetic, you won't have to worry about picking up the wrong product or receiving the wrong information from sales people. Everything here is for you.” The staff at LowCarb Lifestyles have all studied the various LowCarb and High Protein diets to give personal advice and attention to each customer. Stephanie comments about the importance of the staff at LowCarb Lifestyles, “We rely on our staff to make sure our customers are helped and encouraged in their health pursuits. As an RN, I want each customer to feel that they can rely on LowCarb Lifestyles for support. We are all in the pursuit of health together. That pursuit is much easier with a friend’s encouragement. We hope to be that friend.”

LowCarb Lifestyles has just about every kind of food one can imagine. All of the normal foods normally considered high in carbohydrates are available in a LowCarb form. What does Matthew think about the food at LowCarb Lifestyles? “Our food here tastes great. We’ve got candy, chocolate, snacks, pasta, cereal, pizza, protein bars, shakes, ice cream, and even cheesecake just to name a few -- and it’s all LowCarb. We’ve got the entire line of Atkins products plus hundreds more. And, if you want to try something just let us know.”

Matthew and Stephanie Machen are looking forward to helping dieters with their new store, LowCarb Lifestyles. They have the passion and knowledge to help people achieve their diet goals and they have the products too.

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