Discover What Photographers, Scientists, Artists, Collectors, and Enthusiasts Already Know - That ArcherPro is the Best Way to Sort Images on Your Macintosh OS X Computer

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ArcherPro's "Destination Folders" feature is appreciated by individuals who need to scrutinize images individually and copy or move those images into one or more folders on their hard disk. ArcherPro's "Export Images" feature is of great use to anyone who is required to re-name large numbers of images rapidly. And ArherPro's blazing fast slide shows will be enjoyed by everyone. ArcherPro is the advanced image viewer for Mac OS X computers.

Parker Software Development, Inc. today announced the release of an update as well as the benefits of ArcherPro for photographers, scientists, artists, or any person who needs to sort through large numbers of images. These benefits are in addition to ArherPro's blazing fast slide shows, incredibly clean interface, and single keystroke access to almost all commands.

ArcherPro can be downloaded from Parker Software Development, Inc.'s web site:

Sorting through hundreds or even thousands of images can be a tedious process. If each image must be scrutinized individually and copied to one or more folders on your hard drive, your job becomes not only tedious but difficult. Anyone who has tried this using the Mac OS X Finder quickly realizes that such tasks are difficult to accomplish. ArcherPro solves this problem by implementing a feature called "Destination Folders".

Destination Folders Screen Shot

By using the Destination Folders window, you can configure ArcherPro to rapidly copy the displayed image to any folder on your hard disk. The Destination Folders window is easy to use. Simply drag some folders into it from the Finder. Each folder will be listed in the Destination Folders window. Simply select an entry from the list of folders and hit the desired key on your keyboard. Then, while you are viewing images in any ArcherPro document, typing this key will cause the displayed image will be copied to the associated "Destination Folder". If you need to send the same picture to several different locations, you'll appreciate the speed at which ArcherPro lets you "hot key" the same image to several Destination Folders. You can, with a single keystroke, send the displayed image to any folder on your hard drive.

ArcherPro provides for an unlimited number of "hot keys" associated with any number of Destination Folders by implementing the idea of "Destination Folder Sets". This lets you get around the fact that your keyboard only has so many keys. By grouping "Destination Folders" into "Sets", you can assign the same key on your keyboard to several different folders as long as each folder appears in a different "Set". You can switch among "Sets" by using the convenient pop-up menu in the Destination Folders window.

Individually examining each image is may not be what you need to do today. Instead, you may be required to take a large number of images, re-name each of them in sequential order, and copy them to a new folder. Again, doing something like this in the Finder is tedious. Here, ArcherPro provides a convenient way to export either all the images in your ArcherPro document or just the images you have previously tagged.

Exporting Images Screen Shot

To accomplish this task, simply select the Export Images item from the the File menu. ArcherPro will display a window that lets you export your pictures to a new folder while at the same time changing the name as well as prepending or appending a sequence number. This makes creating folders of sequenced images a snap. If you desire, ArcherPro will export only those images which you have tagged using the handy "Tag Image" command (which can also be accessed by simply hitting the "T" key on you keyboard"). Again, as is common in ArcherPro, this makes it simple to export only a selected set of images.

ArcherPro is a fast, easy-to-use multimedia viewer for Macintosh OS X computers. Most commands can be executed with a single keystroke. ArcherPro lets you mix still images, audio files, and movies in the same slide show. ArcherPro lets you rapidly sort through hundreds or even thousands of images with ease.

ArcherPro 4.0.4 is a free upgrade to all existing users.

ArcherPro can be downloaded from the ArcherPro web page:

ArcherPro can be directly downloaded from:

ArcherPro is US 29.95.

Unregistered versions of ArcherPro are fully functional. After a 30-day trial period, ArcherPro will begin displaying reminders to register but will still remain fully functional.

Parker Software Development, Inc. publishes productivity applications such as ArcherPro and NewsHunter for Mac OS X computer systems.

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