Teen’s ADHD symptoms disappear with “new” product. Unusual discovery-weight-loss product alleviates ADHD in teens.

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Safely Eliminate 7-15 pounds in 9 days without dieting; Relieve ADHD symptoms

Native Floridian Paige Gilson is an ordinary work-at-home-mom of four children. Following the birth of her youngest child last Fall, she went looking for a safe and effective product to help her take off those hard-to-lose “post partum” pounds. She chose a weight-loss/nutritional line by Isagenix. The average weight-loss experienced is 7 - 15 pounds within the first 9 days. What Paige never expected was the incredible success this product line would have in eliminating virtually all of her eldest son’s ADHD symptoms altogether.

Paige did weeks of product research and found the Isagenix system to be a perfect fit for her lifestyle. It provided a clear-cut and simple way to melt fat from the inside out. A simple 9-day “cleanse” not only eliminates pounds of waste, but also hundreds of chemicals and pollutants that hide in our body’s cells.

“I never knew how much junk our bodies accumulated until I started reading about it.”, said Paige. “I was surprised to learn that it’s even more critical for ‘lean’ people to cleanse because the toxins actually accumulate within their vital organs.”, she says. After completing her own 9-day cleanse, Paige lost a total of 12 pounds. She says, “I was never so excited in my life about a weight-loss product until now! I love it. I’m still losing weight, and it’s not like I’m jogging 5 miles a day and eating lettuce for lunch.” Paige also states that her allergy symptoms have completely vanished and her energy level is better than it’s ever been.

Her own success with Isagenix made her anxious to try the products on other family members. Her son James (14), who had been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of five, had started having problems again in school and at home. He was placed on medication 9 years earlier and until recently, the meds delivered the expected satisfactory outcome. Last year however, several typical ADHD behaviors began to resurface as James’ body grew more tolerant of the medication. Paige and her husband Glen consulted with medical professionals and after careful consideration, decided to get their son off of the medication altogether and try something else. To their surprise and sheer delight, Isagenix products eliminated nearly all of James’ ADHD symptoms and problems. When asked how he feels, James replies, “I feel better now. I can concentrate in school. I’m more energetic in soccer and basketball.” Paige says, “His problems in school have greatly diminished and he’s on a much more even keel now.”

Paige has become so passionate about the Isagenix product line that she is now a distributor herself. As the only distributor in North Central Florida, Paige hopes to reach thousands of people who are seeking ways to optimize their health, lose weight, or realign their body’s chemical makeup in a safe, yet effective way.

Board Certified Physicians have been placing their patients on the Isagenix system and are seeing tremendous results. John Gray, PhD. (“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”), promotes Isagenix in his seminars and his practice. Jack Canfield, award-winning co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, also discovered the Isagenix system. Both Dr. Gray and Mr. Canfield not only endorse these products, but also use them personally.

For more information contact Paige Gilson at 352-466-5075, or call toll free at 888-801-5507. You can also visit them online at http://www.getcleanandlean.com.

Press Release written by Kathleen Gregovich, CyberSourceONE


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