Venus Rising 8th June 2004, UK

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Russell Grant, the worldÂ?s most widely read astrologer tells us about the important Venus Conjunction - On June 8th Venus makes a dynamic and powerful conjunction with the Sun, providing us all over the globe with an opportunity to witness a planetary spectacle never before seen by any living person.

On June 8th Venus makes a dynamic and powerful conjunction with the Sun, providing us all over the globe with an opportunity to witness a planetary spectacle never before seen by any living person. Starry alignments like this are rare; the last such configurations occurred in 1761 and 1769 and 1874 and 1882 and although uncommon, they come in pairs, typical of the planet of one-to-one relationships - the twin recurring on June 6th, 2012. The duration of this current transit will be around six hours, from 6.20 a.m. to 12.20 p.m. An occultation occurs when one planet moves in front of another, only when the orbits of the Sun and Venus are precisely aligned will the black spot of Venus become visible against the Sun. This will trigger off some amazing happenings for the next 8 years.

Interesting to note that in 1761 and 1769 Venus period Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington were born. Their destiny, like a marriage, was to fight at Waterloo with Wellington restoring the peace that Napoleon had banished. Two powerful women rules two great empires, Catherine the Great in Russia (renowned for her lovers!) and Maria Theresa (renowned for her ‘ideal’ marriage) in Austria. During this time the seeds were sown for revolution around the world. Venus’ is as much the war maker as peacemaker when earthly balances go unchecked.

The following Venus transit, yet again, was the germination of another major conflict the First World War. But also the power of Great Britain ruled by Victoria was taking over the world. This was to be checked by the rise of the United States and the Great War to come – although the UK was the victor she suffered economically as war had changed substantially in the Franco-Prussian conflict as the industrial revolution led to bigger an better munitions. Victoria, like Maria Theresia, had the ‘ideal’ marriage and during this Venus period she pined in reclusive melancholy until enticed out by a new partner – Highlander, John Brown. Her children married into the main dynasties of Europe until the greatest family row ever engulfed them in 1914. And we shouldn’t forget that as Venus rules the female masses the suffragette movement was a growing force until they won the day.

Expect this Venus transit to restore balance – rise in religious fundamentalism checked? Rise in American domination checked? Rise in pollution checked? Venus rules love and money her desire is total balance (she rules the signs of Taurus and Libra) in world beauty and love. Whenever the world loses sight of her desires then a powerful force is set to restore the balance at the expense of the aggressor. I expect the first female President of the USA to be elected around this time. And if Venus transit of the late 19th Century was about cashing in on oil (Venus’ money role) then this one coming could be the running out of it. But one of the first signs of Venus rising to this apex is the advent of Gay marriage – watch this space! Venus brings harmony so discord is out and concord is in.

The phenomenon was first seen in 1639 but it was in 1769 that Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon of Mason-Dixon line fame followed Charles Halley’s (Halley’s comet) advice that the Venus transit would be an invaluable opportunity to measure the distance between heavenly bodies. If several observers see the transit from different locations they will see Venus crossing the Sun in several different paths. If the distance between the observers is known then a calculation can be made to work out how far away Venus is from the Earth. In 1769 there were 77 observers around the world and the calculations showed that the solar system was about ten times bigger than had been thought.

This Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini is one of the most transforming astrological events. Loving Venus opposes intense Pluto to herald a life-changing era for our troubled world. During previous similar alignments, radical changes occurred, linking people across the globe. Prepare for a time of unity and co-operation where dictators are checked from Mugabe in Zimbabwe to any mini tyrants in your own life. Venus sends a direct challenge to regenerative Pluto, stirring up injustice in all our lives. World leaders will no longer be able to defy the people’s expectations. Between now and 2012, there will be a greater collaboration between the fair, honest and ethical against the megalomanic and psychologically estranged. New treaties will be made and endorsed linking the good against the bad and the ugly; a fresh entente cordiale will emerge to fight bigotry and prejudice.

On a more personal level, if you are born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius you will feel the loving, sexy benefits of this conjunction. For Geminis, you may feel inspired to make a brand new start in a relationship, career or a new home, the venture is more likely to succeed if you put your heart and soul into it. For Aquarians, a powerful sexual or creative attraction is at the root of massive change. Follow your heart’s desire. Librans - you will have an intense desire to broaden your horizons and even live away from where you were born. You are driven to get out in the big wide world. If single, expect to meet a new lover from a different land. As a Sagittarian, a new partner inspires passion – but more importantly the foundations of a marriage or relationship born of love or money. You can read more about your personal horoscopes for the day and every day on,

If born under an Earth sign your financial areas and career will benefit. For Capricorns, new qualifications or an innate talent will help enhance your future prospects. Changes in income promises to make life more comfortable for all Taureans and if you are a Virgo, a new mission and purpose will open up as your will to succeed is given a positive boost. Psychologically your attitude to life and professional relationships will alter for the better.

Emotions and your personal life are where the Water signs will feel the Venus effect the most. As a Scorpio you are about to discover a side to your sexuality and passions that will light someone’s fire big time. Pisceans could meet someone special through a relative or a past love may return – great time for a house move. It’s fantasy time for Cancerians, as your dreams have meanings and a love affair will make your dreams come true – just make sure you know everything about them by visiting the dream area on!

For all, this will be a time of significant psychological change Love, money and beauty all combine so follow your heart to secure your crock of gold!

If you are planning to watch this celestial event you should take great care and use similar devices as we all used to watch the solar eclipse in 1999. Use proper filters and do not look directly into the Sun even with the filters.

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