Hooray for High Gas Prices!!!

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Put public anger over high gas prices to good use. Start by finding out whether your elected officials are “loyalty challenged” or not. The result could prove that now is the time for average citizens and taxpayers to "Buy back America" from the morally bankrupt forces that own and control our nation. Use FOIL'S "Inquiry" to get the goods on elected politicians and the real root of the reason for high gas costs. There's no better opportunity for the average citizen to turn a nasty negative into a powerful positive than right now.

The skyrocketing price of gasoline is the best thing that’s happened to America. It may hurt consumers‚ pocketbooks. But the issue can be used to force politicians to come clean -- once and for all -- on the issue of alternative energy resources.

While it's not the politically correct thing to question politicians, it's patriotically correct. It's the American way and it’s one of the best things citizens can do to get their senators, reps and other elected officials to finally "fess up“ about their connections to big oil and greedy corporate fat cats.

Put your anger over high gas prices to good use. Start by finding out whether your elected officials are “loyalty challenged” or not. The result could prove that now is the time for average citizens and taxpayers to "Buy back America" from the morally bankrupt forces

that own and control our nation.

It’s time to vote out the political sell-outs and send them packing in disgrace. To that end, FOIL -- the Foreign Oil Independence League ˆ has produced a downloadable "Inquiry" the public can use to speak out, be heard, put politicians on notice and communicate with the media. After all, the public that elected the congresspersons and senators responsible for the making our laws is the same public that packs the power to either influence elected officials -- or get rid of them.

If enough people dip into the arsenal of FOIL’s fight-back tools, they will collectively become a very loud and powerful voice that can demand responsibility to the taxpayers.

As you all well know or suspect, too many of the 435

congresspersons and 100 senators who control America‚s policies are no longer “public servants” in the literal sense.

Instead of serving "of, by and for the people,” too many politicians and Washington bureaucrats, for the most part, are virtually dominated by well-organized “public-be-damned” special interest groups ˆ big oil interests in particular.

Office holders no longer see themselves as publicly ordained leaders, but rather as “influential and powerful” executives working for corporations. More power gives them license to spend more dollars on their friends, backslapping cronies and pork barrel legislation.

The more a politician can spend, the more attention he or she can get from “special interest” friends.

The shame of it all is that most politicians didn't start off their careers looking for power. They started with high ideals, a wish to represent their constituents and concern with the overall economic health of the nation.

They were not elected or appointed for their winning smiles. But in many cases, that smile “now more of a sneer “ is all that’s left.

American citizens have the ultimate power if they use it -- with their collective votes, their angry e-mails and other visible signs of action as their rightful weapons to put pressure on politicians responsible for our energy policy.

There isn't a bureaucrat within the Beltway that doesn't recognize the power of the people. They just choose to deny it because they’ve seen little evidence of voter muscle.

But if people in their district or state speak out against them, their political careers can come to a screeching halt.

At the same time, high gasoline prices can fuel citizen support for politicians who are doing battle with the political and bureaucratic buddies of foreign oil interests.

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, young and old, we are all victimized by terrorists and government disregard for a switch to much-needed, made-in-USA energy.

There are a lot of ways to be part of a group to create your own power base. Use the FOIL “Inquiry” available on the Web site -- to find out whether you can trust your congressperson or not.

After all, America has its own energy reserves ethanol, wind, solar and biomass, to name a few. And while big oil companies, car manufacturers and do-nothing politicians appear content with the status quo, patriotic Americas need to do otherwise -- and protest.

With gasoline prices going up every day, there should be fire in the belly of every American who knows what the bureaucrats won't admit. That we are being gouged by big oil and humiliated by overseas oil-rich thieves who want nothing more than to hurt America.

Right now, they’ve got the power to do it. It’s up to us to take that power away. And we can. Cutting down on foreign oil imports and stemming high gas prices are within the reach and power of all citizens ˆ if they just pull together.

If enough people use the material made available on

http://www.joinfoil.org, they can demand change. They can force the issue. They can talk up domestic energy sources as a means of stopping blood-for-oil wars, brutal mutilations by Middle East radicals and threats of terror attacks on the US.

Foreign oil imports are driving America down a road that already jeopardizes its freedom and extends an addiction that's already lasted too long, one that funds and breeds more and more terrorism.

The solution is pressure. The politicians who can move America away from foreign oil are your employees. They’re the politicians you hired by voting for them. And all of us together must use public

billboard messages to put fear in their hearts by letting them know they‚re expected to shape up or ship out.

That’s why we are going to the public to take America back with an awareness campaign America has yet to see, one that’s “funded by the people for the people,” said Stan Cotton, founder of http://www.joinfoil.org

The age-old remedy of fighting back is no longer in style” said Cotton. “And we are suffering as a result. ”Instead, citizens need to be patriotically correct. And they need to adopt that positive and creative stance right now.

The Boston Tea Party was a creative act on the part of America’s founding patriots. That one act is still celebrated more than 200 years later -- moved a nation along the road to independence from Britain.

The same no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners attitude that worked in the 18th century is desperately needed again. FOIL wants citizens to adopt the spirit of America’s founding fathers who committed an unthinkable act on the shores of Boston Harbor two centuries ago. They shook their fist in the face of repressive government. They took the phrase, “Taxation Without Representation” and turned it into a firestorm of protest. And they didn't just whine, they put their backs into it, tossing tea a precious commodity to the ruling British tyrants ‘ into those dark, cold waters.

“Dumping tea was a way to fight back two centuries ago.” Cotton said. “Now, it’s time to dump oil.” Americans have to recommit to the same kind of fight. We have to shake our fists in the face of politicians and terrorists and show them their oil means nothing to us and we would be better off without it.

We need a shot of creativity and a dose of reality. Only creative approaches to curing injustices will bring about a better society.

FOIL says get in on the next Boston Tea Party only this time it will be foreign oil that‚s dumped in the drink.

Log on to http://www.joinfoil.org. Get much-needed muscle to fight high gas prices and participate in an eye-opening experience.

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