printCure Enables Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing Organizations an Opportunity to Offer Printed and Promotional Products to Distributors "in-the-field" Through the same web-enabled Company Store.

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printCure, the cure for corporate procurement, can now be considered a "one-stop-shop" for direct selling organizations looking to automate, control, manage and consolidate the way they distribute brandable print and promotional products to distributors and representatives in the field.

printCure, the cure for corporate procurement, can now be considered a "one-stop-shop" for direct selling organizations looking to automate, control, manage and consolidate the way they distribute brandable print and promotional products to distributors and representatives in the field.

"We have basically taken the existing framework of the printCure system that our clients have grown to love and added the ability to provide static promotional products," said Tim Aranki, printCure Chief Technology Officer. "So, instead of just being able to offer end users with customized printed products like business cards and stationery, our clients can now consolidate their procurement process by using our online storefront to provide distributors with just about any company-branded product imaginable - through the same web-enabled interface."

Not only that, printCure has upgraded the types of offline services that are typically bundled into their online processes. printCure CEO and president, Philip Wentworth, sees the addition of printCure's offline services as "necessities". "Over the last two years we have observed the need for these types of 'managed services'. These services are really designed to take some of the pressure and stress off of internal purchasers as they go about managing their responsibilities, budgets and procurement processes. By outsourcing some of these processes to printCure we can help just about any organization reduce the amount of internal resources needed to manage their print and promotional procurement processes."

Of course, the printCure system has an impact on the distributors and representatives in the field as well. "Instead of creating and developing brandable collateral products on their own time, distributors and representatives have access to their company's brandable products 24-hours a day, seven days a week - from any internet computer in the world." Added Wentworth. "So they are now able to focus their attention on what makes them the most money: recruitment and the selling of products and services."

Here is a sampling of the offline services offered by printCure:

Graphic Design - printCure can help organizations create and develop graphic designs and artwork suitable for any product or campaign. From business cards and stationery to bobble-heads and polo shirts.

Vendor Selection - printCure can help with the selection and management of third party vendors.

Product Sourcing - from business cards to bobble-heads, printCure can help organizations procure just about any product imaginable.

Fulfillment - printCure can even help fulfill requests submitted by end users via the printCure online storefront (company store).

Customer Support - printCure provides ongoing customer and technical support for every organization utilizing the printCure online storefront.

Marketing Support - the old moniker of "building it and they will come" no longer applied to web services. That being said, printCure develops a customized marketing plan for each organization so that they may effectively and efficiently drive end users to their online storefront.

Customization - printCure has a dedicated team of internal developers ready to customize the printCure online storefront to meet the needs of almost any organization.

"Again, these services are designed to help our current and future clients manage and control their internal print and promotional procurement process," said David Smith, Director of Creative Services. "Of course, they also seem to have an additional affect: these recently created offline services seem to ease all of our clients into the process of utilizing a system like printCure."    

The end result is that printCure can configure an online storefront within weeks to meet the needs of just about any corporate client – with little or no cost the corporate entity. “Potential corporate clients do not need to be “web experts” or “e-commerce experts” in order to utilize our system. They simply need to tell us what kinds of products they would like to offer their end users (distributors and representatives) and let our staff build, host and maintain their online company store,” added Wentworth. “In many cases, we are able to have a working online company store, branded and configured with print and promotional products within 30-days of engagement – at little or no cost to our clients.”

Furthermore, since printCure has engaged with several direct selling and multi-level marketing organizations, they understand the need to market each organizations two-sided business model. "All direct selling organiztions market the opportunity as well as the individual products as a part of the overall marketing strategies," Wentworth added. "printCure has the unique experience of helping our direct selling clients develop and create sales aids and other marketing materials that are designed to help distributors actively market the business opportunity as well as the individual products."

Potential Impact on Corporate Purchasers:

Save time and money. With the use of printCure's online storefront and offline services, corporate purchasers have the ability to control, manage, automate and track the distribution of company-branded print and promotional products (and expenditures) through one centralized, web-enabled channel. Not only that, internal purchasers also like the fact that they can control their company's brand and message through the products offered via printCure system.

Potential Impact on Distributors and Representatives in the field:

Distributors are now able to select and order company-branded print and promotional items from one centralized online storefront - 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week - from any internet ready computer in the world. So, instead of trying to procure brandable products on their own, each distributor will have the ability to select and order brandable products from one, easy to use online store - saving them time and money in the process.

About printCure:

printCure – the cure for corporate print and promotional procurement –is one of Consulture’s many B2B and B2C web-enabled products and considered our flagship product.

Since its creation in 2001, printCure has allowed organizations an opportunity to offer their brandable products to their entire end user population through a self-servicing co-branded site developed, hosted and maintained on their behalf.

For more information about printCure, please access the printCure corporate site by clicking the following link: or by calling toll-free: 1-866-897-1498.

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