The One and Only Germs-Free Skin and Surface Antiseptic Disinfectant Towelette - Germs-Free Disinfecting Towelettes are a Brand New Product for Hand and Surface Disinfecting

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Our new on the market medical application, Germs-free anti-microbial ethyl alcohol based towelettes are made for superior hand and environmental hard surface disinfecting practice.

Germs-free disinfecting towelettes are a new product for hand and surface disinfecting. Clean up your LIDDLE KIDDLES with it also before and after they eat. Use it whenever else you feel a need to sanitize.

Germs-free towelettes are 100% food grade safe.

Germs-free toweletts are impregnated with 70% food

grade, ethanol alcohol, along with perfume free emollients, and purified water,and it is formulated for the prevention of cross contamination. It is a scientific and medical fact that disinfectants based on a 70% ethanol alcohol content, eliminates germs and micro-organisms fast and effectively.

Germs are everywhere around us. We are constantly coming in contact with viral and bacteria laden objects.

The Television NEWS media have reported one of the most common ways we are constantly being bombarded by these germs. They have reported time and again of the many scientific studies that show there are some very uncaring restaurant personnel that are passing many of these same viral and bacteria laden micro-organisms on to us.

The NEWS media further reports that all Health Departments require restaurants to disinfect all eating utensils in the dishwasher with a hot water rinse. But after leaving the dishwasher, your eating utensils are then handled by someone that may not have sanitized their hands correctly, before touching your silverware!

That person may be ill, and they may have just coughed or sneezed into their hand! They have just passed their bug onto you, when you eat with the very utensils they have just given you!

This very thoughtless act of improper hygiene, by some restaurant personnel, is exactly how, many viral and bacteria laden germs are passed on to you, and your family.

BE SAFE NOT SORRY! Always disinfect with a Germs-free towelette first.

When you sanitize your eating utensils and hands with a Germs-free disinfectant towelette, you can be 100% confident that there are no viral and bacteria laden micro-organism contamination of any kind lingering on your eating utensils, and hands.

Germs-free towelettes are also effective against vegetative bacteria, myco-bacteria (tubercel bacteria), fungi and many viruses. Germs-free disinfecting towelettes have a 100% disinfecting, cleansing and refreshing effect.

Germs-free is a disinfecting towelette that works quickly and effectively. The moisture from the towelette evaporates quickly and completely. It does not leave a sticky residue on your eating utensils, skin or any surface you may have wiped with it, as many other wet-wipes do.

There is no need to wash your hands after using a Germs-free towelette as the emolients they contain help with preserving the natural moisture balance of the skin by moisturizing and preventing dryness, even after frequent use. The wipes are made from extra strong and thick, non-woven material, which is a special mixture of natural and synthetic fibers.

Germs-free towelettes have an alcohol base and each towelette contains 70% ethyl alcohol by volume and is formulated for the prevention of cross contamination. Germs-free towelettes are formulated to comply with the new CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings, October 25, 2002.

Not only does Germs-free towelettes promote good hygiene practice for those that use them, because they are very easy-to-use, they are preferred by healthcare workers. Germs-free towelettes also remove soil from the hands, an important feature in the prevention of cross contamination that simple hand gels alone cannot accomplish. Its emollient rich formula helps retain moisture on your skin and leaves no gummy residue or buildup. Each Germs-free towelette provides an exacting amount of ethyl alcohol solution for effective germ control.

Germs-free Towelettes Inc.

898 Woodward Ave.

Akron, Ohio 44310

(330) 253-2386

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