Pre-Camping Boot Camp -Five Ways to Ensure Your Trip Doesn’t Disintegrate into Disaster

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Top 10 Tips for Safe Travel Children –At Home or Abroad

– Every summer thousands of families flood America’s parks and campgrounds. Usually more affordable than other vacations, camping offers a fun option for families to experience adventure and build "togetherness."

But unless you know how to plan, pack, and prepare for hazards, you risk turning a triumphant camping trip into a complete catastrophe. "Outdoor adventure trips benefit from advanced planning," says Dr. Marlene Coleman, author of Safe & Sound: Healthy Travel with Children. "Good planning helps you avoid disaster, ensure that you and your kids enjoy your trip, and return happy, healthy, and safe."

A board-certified pediatrician with more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Coleman is a popular speaker on a variety of health-related topics, especially healthy travel with children. She developed her expertise in travel medicine early in her career in response to the challenges her patients presented both before and after their local and global travels.

Here Dr. Coleman shares five steps you can take prior to packing that will help your avoid mid-camping meltdown and pave the path to a great trip.

1. Consider taking your family in the backyard or to the local park and set up your tent and sleeping arrangements.

2. Check out all your gear. Whether it’s hiking boots, skis, mask and snorkel, or baby carrier, make sure everything fits properly and does what you expect it to do.

3. Make sure you and your children know how all your gear works.

4. Practice your hiking and swiming skills before you leave on your trip.

5. Decide what you will leave behind and what you really need and will use. Having too much gear wastes time and energy that you and your family could spend enjoying the trip.

Don’t let poor preparation cause your camping trip to disintegrate into disaster. Put a little effort into pre-trip preparation to ensure that you and your family have a terrific vacation.

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