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Even through a tight economy, one company guarantees its fundraising opportunity for non-profits, churches, and more.

Over the last few years, the non-profit world has experienced something of a shock after the economic boom of the '90s. With the economy and stock market struggling since 2001, philanthropic organizations and individuals alike have felt a budgetary squeeze, and non-profit groups and churches have watched charitable giving largely disappear.

But the need for charity lives on, and most groups and churches have looked to alternate ways of raising money. Online requests for donations, for instance, have become very popular -- though online giving has been less popular than the requests.

One major challenge for these groups is that most fundraising options come with the risk that the option will cost a group more than it makes. Within tight budgets, that is no small risk -- the act of raising money can, ironically, bankrupt an organization.

This is one challenge Fundcraft Publishing wanted to do something about. Fundcraft has been around since 1906 helping every kind of organization raise money with custom recipe books -- a choice that has kept countless groups stay in business even through tight economies. Today, they actually go so far as to guarantee that every group using their service will raise money.

“There has to be a way for people to raise money without putting the organization at risk,” says David Bradley, Publisher of Fundcraft. “Without non-profit groups, people would have nowhere to turn when they’re in need. We don’t want to live in that kind of society. This is why our guarantee is so important to us.”

But money isn’t all that people are short on these days. They’re short on time as well, and that was the next challenge Fundcraft tackled. In years past, it could take groups a great deal of time and organization to pull together the hundreds of recipes that would make up a single book. Now, Fundcraft offers free, online tools that are simple to use so that each member of a group -- no matter where in the world they’re located -- can enter recipes in his or her own time. The software then pulls all of these recipes together in a professional layout.

Other free tools allow a project leader to go in and customize the book with additional pictures and text. The book is then displayed online in its final form so that any member of the group can check it out before it’s printed. After printing, the group has a book to sell at an enormous profit rate, and they can make extra sales by posting it on a retail web site, Cookbooks Online.

“What we love about raising money with cookbooks,” says Bradley, “is that it really does work in both strong and weak economies. We’ve been around for almost a century now, so we’ve seen the best and worst of the American economy. We can honestly say that people raise money like this year after year, no matter what the situation.”


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