Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Being Touted as a Miracle by Many Users

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The Sinus Buster all natural hot pepper nasal spray has gained a solid reputation as one of the best headache & sinus remedies ever, but this breakthrough product is also reviving the lost sense of smell for dozens of people who call it a miracle.

It's an accepted fact by most medical professionals that a person suffering from a lost sense of smell will never re-gain their sniffing ability, but the world's first capasaicin (hot pepper) nasal spray has been proving that theory wrong for dozens of users.

It all started back in January 2004, when Amelia Anderson of Chila Vista, California ordered her first Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray. Amellia had not been able to smell anything for nearly 10 years due to chronic sinus problems.

The first day Amelia received her Sinus Buster, she used it only once before going to bed. The next day she woke up and suddenly realized she could smell odors she hadn't recognized for a decade.

"I couldn't believe it. The first thing I smelled was my daughter's clothes she had worn to a club the night before, and I could smell cigarette smoke all over her. I had to bring her coat out to the garage because the smoke odor was so strong. Then my daughter told me that’s how she always smells after going out, but I never smelled the smoke before. I was skeptical when my husband ordered it over the internet, but the sinus buster worked for me," Anderson added.

Amelia isn't the only one who regained a lost sense of smell after using the Sinus Buster. Although most of the other users have not seen the same "overnight" results experienced by Anderson, there are plenty of verifiable success stroies.

"Amelia was the first case we heard of...probably because she had overnight results. I was shocked by her story at first, but we checked with her husband, and he swore it was the truth. But since Amelia, we've had more than 30 other people who claim they have regained their lost sense of smell by using the sinus buster. For most of them, it appears to take about 3 to 5 weeks to work, but they swear it does the job. And it also gives everyone who uses it an enhanced sense of smell like they haven't experienced since they were little kids," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster.

Thousands of people suffer from a lost sense of smell. The condition is known as "Anosmia", and it's usually caused by chronic sinus conditions and allergies, although there are a small number of congenital cases. Anosmia was a little known term until this year when it became the basis for one of the biggest pending class action lawsuits in the OTC (over the counter)medicine industry.

The intranasal use of Zinc Gluconicum has apparently been linked to anosmia for over 50 years yet it was somehow officially accepted as a safe OTC product, and heavily marketed during the 1990s. There are several brands out there, but the two most prominent ones are marketed under the names, "Cold-Eeze" and "Zicam".

Both brands were approved by the FDA for over the counter sales as intranasal cold remedies, but there are thousands of Americans claiming these nasal sprays have destroyed their senses of smell.

Attorneys representing former zinc nasal spray users claim Matrixx Initiatives Inc. and Quigley Inc., the manufacturers of Zicam and Cold-Eeze respectively, intentionally misled their customers concerning the known effects of intranasal zinc usage. According to the lawsuit, the manufacturers of these products knew Zinc Gluconicum could possibly affect the sense of smell and taste in some users. Yet despite this knowledge, the manufacturers of these nasal sprays failed to warn their customers on their packaging and within their advertising.

With its' recent "smelling success stories", it appears the Sinus Buster may be the answer for many victims of the zinc nasal spray brewha, but officials for SiCap Industries approach this idea with caution. Although a few of the Sinus Buster users who experienced a recovered sense of smell also claim they lost their smelling ability after using a zinc based nasal spray, the majority of "little miracles" have happened to people who lost their smelling ability due to other conditions.

"It sounds crazy, but there have been credible studies done showing capsaicin could regenerate dead nerve fibers that control the sense of smell. So it's a medical fact that this can happen, and it's definitely happening to a number of our customers. As far as the zinc nasal spray thing - I know of five customers who claim to be victims of that, and they say the sinus buster brought their sense of smell back So maybe there is hope for even those people," adds Wayne Perry.

Many Sinus Buster users who can smell, also report experiencing an enhanced smelling ability after using the product. So it appears this product may benefit non-anosmics as well.

"We have alot of customers with chronic sinus problems who can smell, but they can't smell as well as they should. After using the buster, these people say they can smell better than ever, and the same nerves also enhance your tastes buds so you end up tasting a difference in foods also," says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

Officials for SiCap also claim the Sinus Buster has regenerated the sense of smell for several congenital,(condition from birth) Anosmia sufferers. That means this simple pepper based product has allowed some people to smell for the first time in their lives, and these people brand the Sinus Buster as "miraculous".

Sarah Bell of Washington state, is the latest congenital Anosmia victim to experience a miraculous recovery. Sarah has never been able to smell, and she had long ago resigned herself to the fact that she probably never would. In a recent email, Sarah praised the Sinus Buster as "immeasurably enhancing" her life.

Sarah writes, "I just wanted to let you all know that you could definitely be curing more than just sinusitis and cluster headaches with SinusBuster. I read a press release that SinusBuster was helping people who had lost their sense of smell due to the use of products like Zicam to regain their sense of smell. I am a congenital anosmic (anosmia runs in my family and I have had no sense of smell since I was a small child). I am now 23 and I decided to try SinusBuster for the express purpose of seeing if I could develop a sense of smell. After a month and a half of using SinusBuster once a day, I am overjoyed to report that I have started being able to differentiate between smell types (spicy, earthy, musky, floral and fruity). Since this is the first time in my life that I actually have been conscious of the smells around me, my life has been immeasurably enhanced. Thank you for developing SinusBuster. I tell everyone I can about it."

A recent Los Angeles Times article focused on a California woman who lost her sense of smell directly due to zinc nasal spray usage. As far as her doctors are concerned, she has lost her smelling senses permanently, but according to other Anosmics, the Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray does offer some hope for this woman, and the many like her.

The Sinus Buster has also become popular with wine and food connoisseurs because it helps to enhance even a normal sense of smell. Many are reporting that everything smells and tastes more crisp after using just a little of the hot pepper spray everday, but officials at SiCap don't want this small miracle to overshadow the other benefits of their unique nasal spray such as its' effectiveness against hangovers and sinus headaches.

"It's great that some people are getting their senses of smell back, but their numbers are nothing compared to all the headache and sinus sufferers out there who say the sinus buster has literally changed their lives. This product stops chronic migraines and sinus infections for nearly everyone who tries it. That's what the sinus bsuter was designed to do. It scares me when people use the word miracle, but if you suffer from chronic headaches, this stuff is a miracle. We had one woman call us after she heard about sinus buster on the Howard Stern Show. She was actually crying tears of happiness because it had been the first thing to ever stop her husband's cluster headaches in 20 years. For that couple, the sinus buster definitely worked a miracle," says Wayne Perry.

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