Nevada Firm to Begin Inoculation Program Against HIV/AIDS in Africa

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Global Tech Resource Group, Inc. (GTRG) has been granted the exclusive distribution agency status in the continent and nations of Africa to distribute a vaccine, Lumoer, an immunomodulator for the treatment of HIV/AIDS-related chronic infection and a variety of tumors and immune diseases.


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MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2004


Las Vegas, NV ( While the HIV/AIDS epidemic throughout Africa shows no sign of slowing its frightening growth rate, a Las Vegas, Nevada firm is intently working to bring a growing, glimmer of hope to a continent desperately searching for solutions to the on-going, mounting, death toll. Global Tech Resource Group, Inc., (GTRG) has been granted Exclusive Distribution Agency status throughout the continent and nations of Africa to distribute "Lumoer", an immunomodulator, for the treatment of HIV/AIDS-related chronic infections and a variety of tumors and immune diseases.

The Lumoer vaccine has been researched, tested, approved and licensed by the People's Republic of China, State Food & Drug Administration, under the description of " Pseudomonas aeruginosa Vaccine - Mannos Sensitive Hemagglutination Piliated Strain (MSHA)". It is registered under PRC SFDA#S19980024, dated May 2003, to Boostitan Biologics Company of Guangdong, China for manufacturing, distribution, export and use as an immunomodulator (class II controlled medication).

Global Tech Resource Group is developing funding sources to provide inoculation treatment programs to HIV/AIDS patients within the coming months. "We are deeply inspired by the team we've assembled to address this tragic situation in Africa," said Terry Warren, a Global Tech Founder and CEO. Using revenues supported by the funding sources, the inoculation program is expected to begin in Nigeria, Africa. Dr. Stuart Quartemont, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., President and Founder of Medical Missions International - USA, International Medical Director/Founder of ICH Hospitals - Nigeria, a practicing faculty member of the Brazos Family Practice Residency and currently associated with Texas A&M University, has formally requested Lumoer vaccine from GTRG to begin inoculation treatment programs specifically related to his work in Owerri, Nigeria. Dr. Quartemont's Lumoer Vaccine treatment program will initially inoculate 2,500 patients; however, the planned program will intensify and expand the treatment efforts as increased funding supports greater momentum.

Although years of research in China have proven that Lumoer Vaccine can be very effective in cancers and other immune diseases and disorders, one of the biggest benefits of the Lumoer Vaccine treatment program proposed by GTRG is the low "cost per treated patient". In many areas of the world where HIV/AIDS and similar diseases are running rampant, many, if not most, of the poorer patients are unable to afford, and gain access to, the current, available treatments. GTRG'S treatment program using Lumoer Vaccine can inoculate patients for a fraction of the high cost "per patient treated" now in effect in many areas of Africa. The Lumoer Vaccine is not marketed nor distributed as a cure, however, after completion of the treatment program, typically about sixty days, Lumoer Vaccine has indicated a strong ability to effectively and dramatically slow or stop many immune diseases from progressing through regulating the immune responses.

Dr. Mang Yu, Ph.D. of University of California, Davis, a past recipient of the prestigious Kirschstein National Research Service Award while at Stanford University School of Medicine and an M.D. scientist involved in the research, development and licensing of the Lumoer vaccine in P.R. China, serves as the chief technical advisor/chief medical officer of Pacific Medilogics, Ltd., the Hong Kong firm owning world-wide distribution rights for the Lumoer vaccine; as allowed by the manufacturer Boostitan Biologics Company of Guangdong, China. "We also see in the near future the release of a variation on this product that could actually be given as a measure to prevent or stop disease like AIDS from spreading further." said Dr. Yu. "Our efforts in China and Thailand have proven very positive and we're looking forward to the continuation of distribution, research and on-going studies of this treatment program throughout Africa ," said Martin Wong, President of Pacific Medilogics, Ltd. Pacific Medilogics has licensed GTRG to develop, expand and use various contacts and organizations in Africa to help initiate and expedite inoculation programs. Of particular focus for GTRG is to integrate with "Faith-based" organizations presently working diligently to provide many forms of service and relief.

The GTRG team effort includes the help of notable individuals assisting in the fundraising and distribution efforts for Africa. Dr. Samuel Golden, a former leading Member of South Africa's Parliament and Ambassador to Greece and Germany from South Africa and current Vice President of International Business Development with Egnatia Insurance in Athens, Greece, has personally committed to assist with the facilitation and monitoring of inoculations in South Africa. His assistance will be particularly focused and implemented through his relationships with organizations such as "In Abba's Arms", a non-profit organization working in Africa. Also joining the cause is Bishop George Dallas McKinney, of Saint Stephens Church of God In Christ, San Diego, CA. He has personally made the commitment to support Global Tech Resource Group and the Lumoer Vaccine for the Africa project. Bishop McKinney intends to spearhead organizing “faith-based” assistance through his relationships with leading ministers in the United States and various international associations. Bishop McKinney was most recently nominated for Chaplain of the U.S. Senate in 2003. On the media side, Hosanna Broadcasting Network (HBN), located in Los Angeles, CA, has committed to broadcast/telecast information regarding the upcoming Lumoer Vaccine treatment program as developments occur.

About Global Tech Resource Group, Inc. (GTRG)

Global Tech Resource Group, Inc., is committed to enhancing the quality of the human condition; particularly focusing its efforts in the regions of the world where life is measured in hours, not days. To accomplish this commitment, GTRG seeks to bring the synergy of the finest individuals from many nations into a functional relationship with cutting edge technology, science, industry and medical knowledge to serve the basic needs, relief, comfort and aid of the peoples of the world. GTRG works to serve the many, by achieving what seems to be impossible, through the efforts of a few.

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