Archived PIDC’s Unique Location Code Gives Legs To Site-Specific Recordkeeping™

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Whether 2-D barcode, RFID or color-coded image technology is used to encode a PIDC, this single site or location code can identify or establish a property, premises or position in real time for the food industry.

Whether 2-D barcode, RFID or color-coded image technology is used to encode a PIDC, this single site or location code can identify or establish a property, premises or position in real time for the food industry.

As livestock or any commodity moves through the food supply system, PIDC is the unique key to ScoringSystem’s databank and its job of secure recordkeeping. Because it is a unique key to this global databank, PIDC is rapidly becoming the world standard for tracking, traceback, and traceforward for all products as they move to market and beyond.

This powerful tool for organizing mobile data gives the consumer and regulatory agencies the knowledge and capability they need to revolutionize business in the 21st century. Based on the global infrastructure and methodology of tracing and verifying the source of products, PIDC is the basic reference for ensuring efficient and effective recordkeeping, and tracking commodity processing in 210 countries throughout the world.

Using PIDC, the databank is able to link production and processing records for a wide variety of products, from producer to consumer – “field – to – fork” and “stable – to – table.” This unique premises code gives qualified operators and recordkeeping professionals a new tool to enable them to keep full and accurate business records. With ScoringSystem, they can meet a higher level of uniform accountability and rapid, precise data capture and storage to prove their product’s origin with complete, secure archival records.

Once again, ScoringSystem, Inc. was in the forefront of the action on animal ID by attending the NIAA’s Animal ID Expo in Chicago, May 19 – 20, 2004. The conference drew animal ID and systems suppliers, ranchers and livestock operators, and state and federal government agency representatives from across the country. More than 500 attendees engaged in extensive discussion of the premises registration and animal identification provisions of the USAIP (United States Animal Identification Plan) currently in review and being considered for implementation nationally and at the individual state level later this year.

In a series of meetings, panel discussions, and supplier presentations, a wide variety of animal ID systems were thoroughly reviewed and discussed, including the experiences of system users in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. During these presentations, several issues were brought to light,

  •     Because of differences in raising and handling, livestock should be considered individually, by species
  •     The premises identification system (National Premise Repository) is mainly confined to the US and North America, with no consideration of any worldwide application
  •     Confidentiality and information security is a major issue at all levels, from the operator to the packinghouse
  •     The 48-hour goal of the system’s traceback and traceforward in locating a particular animal was discussed, with many still viewing this goal as nearly impossible to achieve

Of all the systems suppliers making presentations at this conference ScoringSystem was the only databank company able to address these issues, in particular

  •     ScoringSystem is focused on more than just livestock: the secure databank is designed to identify and track fruits, vegetables, crops, containers, and a wide variety of commodities
  •     ScoringSystem’s unique premises location code – PIDC – is worldwide and not confined to the USA or the North American continent. Every step of the way – in every scenario from rangeland to farm, from oceans to mountains – critical product information is collected and recorded to confirm and verify the source of site-specific records in the secure databank
  •     Since the information contained in the ScoringSystem databank is controlled by the registered premises and product owner, security and confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the system
  •     Unlike those systems and suppliers at the NIAA conference in Chicago, ScoringSystem bridges all production and processing stages, from the operator and original source to the final consumer, and “field – to – fork,” – throughout the food supply chain.
  •     ScoringSystem’s comprehensive, global, web-based databank provides continuous tracking of identified animals, enabling traceback and traceforward in a matter of seconds, which is much more effective than the goal of 48-hour traceback and traceforward discussed at the NIAA conference

ScoringSystem, Inc. is located in Sarasota, Florida and specializes in providing solutions with mobile data. Whether a perishable commodity or sports player, can make managing your data easier, and do it in an extremely cost effective manner.

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