Author Bob Miller Acknowledges He Has Inoperable Cancer

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By Associate News Editor Nan Kilar - Author, gospel singer and political activist Bob Miller a registered Republican who is best known for his anti-Bush speeches has inoperable cancer.

I’ve sold six. Four more than my average.

Author Bob Miller ( - [email protected]), said when I asked how book sales were going at a local book fair, "I’ve sold six. Four more than my average."

Having known Miller for several years, I knew he wouldn’t discuss his health issues except to say he had some, so I asked if his little speech, Cowering In A Corner, might have had something do with the improved book sales.

"Nope. It’s a waste of time to try and shame a coward. Their yellow streaks already run bone marrow deep. These flag-waving Americans who preach support for our troops, then stand idly by as self-serving tribunals court-marshal low-ranking enlisted solders who were carrying out orders from senior NCOs and so-called officers, make me want to puke."

I didn’t think it would help but thought it worth a try and asked Bob if chemo and radiation had provided him any relief. He continued as if the question hadn’t been asked.

"It would be different if every active duty and ex-military person in this country didn’t know that an E-5 couldn’t wipe his or her own butt in an unmilitary manner two days in a row and not get put on report by someone up the food chain.

"Americans are fair-weather supporters. Many of these young soldiers will learn on returning home just how much support we’re willing to provide. I went to the local veterans hospital to give my doctor a private doctor’s report; they asked if I would go across the street to a copy place as their two copy machines had stopped working. Not to mention that these flag wavers are not demanding any of the creators of this POW disgrace be court-martial because that Brigadier General would eventually lead to the Chief of Staff who, in turn, would lead to the justifiable hanging of the President’s personal terrorist, Donald Rumsfeld.

"Here something different for your fish wrapping, bird cage newspapers. I'm not speaking on the condition of anonymity. I’m Bob Miller."

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