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The quest for true love is now conducted in Internet slang and clever abbreviations. Online dating, email correspondence and instant messaging have taken the place of blind dates & phone calls in today's dating environment. You've Got Fe-Mail! is one girl's chronicle of romance in the cyber era. Lesbian author Kristin Cranford tells what it's like to date online from a gay woman's perspective.

Dating in the modern age is an entirely different experience than it used to be. Online personal ads have replaced blind dates. Email and instant messaging has replaced the phone. Surfing for your true love online is all the rage, especially if you are shy or don't handle rejection well. Why face disappointment face to face when you can just weed out the undesirable with a click of a mouse?

Born in Charleston, SC in 1970, Kristin Cranford lived as your typical suburban American for most of her life. After nine years married to a man, the relationship floundered and the couple divorced. Soon after, Cranford was approached by a woman at a party in New Orleans, and she realized that there was mutual attraction. Thus began Cranford's life as a lesbian. Now living in Southern California, Cranford became a consummate lover of women and had several long term relationships, but still had trouble finding that one perfect soul to match her own.

After her long term relationships failed to mature, Cranford decided to leap into the world of online dating. A relatively shy 34-year-old looking for love in Los Angeles, Cranford documented her virtual dating experiences in a written chronicle. You've Got Fe-Mail! is the result, a diary of what it's like to be beeped, instant messaged and text messaged at the same time, all while trying to juggle your real life social calendar.

You've Got Fe-Mail! is a humorous and light-hearted diary of Cranford's adventures in gay online dating. The journal covers the author's experiences wading through cyber relationships over the course of several months - all in the effort to find that one true love.

As Cranford says, "It’s the tale of a lesbian who posted an online ad, then added her photo and then the courting began!" Readers will share with Cranford as she juggles ex-partners, new prospects and long distance romances, while she sorts through the messages to find a serious love interest. "Most of us single people are encountering this brave new world of instant communication, creating a false urgency to respond," says Cranford. "We are compelled to act, which is sometimes revealing about us, but just as revealing about the other person. It’s still a new phenomenon that we are all just learning to navigate. Sharing the experience with the world is a fun way for others to see what’s in store for them."

You've Got Fe-Mail! offers a universal experience that anyone who has navigated the world of online dating can relate to. The book is an intimate look at the true tale of Cranford's convoluted journey to find a soul-mate. Verbatim dialogue from personal e-mails and instant messages bring a real life grit to the book.

The book is fresh, with a unique perspective and certainly a fun read for anyone who has gone through similar experiences. Although Cranford's voice is still rather immature as an author, the amateur nature of the material actually lends to the realness of the text in some ways. You've Got Fe-Mail! might have benefited from being worked up into a true "novel," rather than a diary-type manuscript, but it also might have lost something in the translation.

If you are looking for a serious piece of literature, You've Got Fe-Mail isn't it. However, if you are just in the mood for a decently humorous, quick read for a hot summer evening, Kristin Cranford may just have what you're looking for.

If there is anything about the book that is truly a detriment, it is the quality of the book packaging itself. Self-published books, as this one is, come in a variety of forms and appearances. Some of such high quality that you wouldn't know they were self-published unless someone told you. Packaging, of course, doesn't make the book - and plenty of self-published authors are fabulous writers. If you've heard that old phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" - that's true, but unfortunately people do - and bad book packaging can result in low sales. The packaging of You've Got Fe-Mail is rather substandard, with cheap graphics, unattractive text & formatting and a less than appealing cover. Sadly, the book looks like it was printed at a Kinko's copy shop. It's a shame, since the content of the book is more interesting than many self-published books, that the author couldn't have found a higher quality publisher.

Kristin Cranford describes herself in her online ad as: "feminine, athletic, outgoing, animal lover and adventurous. I love to travel, workout or just hang out at home, cuddle and watch a movie. I am looking for someone who is independent, yet capable of sharing her life with me." Cranford, who lives in Beverly Hills, CA with her cocker spaniel "Lady," works as production manager for The World Poker Tour, a hit television show on The Travel Channel. A graduate of San Diego State University with a BA in English, Cranford has long desired to become an author and is now at work on her second book.

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