High Energy Magnetic Monopole Sequestered by U.S. Government

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With resistive forces of at least 10 to 20 tons per square meter at 1/4" thickness, this material could power a device approximately the size of standard can of oil, delivering a minimum torque ratio of 1.5 tons of turning force. Witness James D. Fauble comes forward after thirty years despite threats on his life.

I have decided to tell a few more details about the path that has lead me to this forum and the reasons why. I would like you all to know in advance that it is NOT my intent nor my desire to receive any kind of pity or sympathy for what I am about to tell you and indeed there is much more that I have not found necessary to mention for just this reason.

I cannot blame some of you if you will not believe what I am about to say and I can understand if you don't because I too was once a very technical kind of person who had to see and touch everything before I could believe.

A Veil of Suppression

This world is a dangerous and difficult place to navigate through and still hope to find a safe and happy place. Also, because I have known of too many others who have already died in this common quest of ours, I can no longer allow myself the luxury of remaining silent on this issue.

I am fully aware that I am putting my very life in mortal danger by what I am about to reveal in this message but, I refuse to merely fade away quietly without at least offering this information to my fellow comrades who are active in this quest for new energy solutions.

First of all I want you all to know that I have always been a very patriotic American citizen and have loved this great country, at least the country that it used to be and was originally intended to be. The country which was founded by our forefathers at the cost of many lives, much suffering, and great sacrifice. I believe that we must view those who have continued to hinder all true progress and murder our friends, family members, and fellow Americans to be our true enemies! I also believe that It has now come to the point where it is now crucial to our very existence that the tyranny end now before it is allowed to progress to the next level!

Since the most recent murder of one of our most beloved and respected comrades, Dr. Eugene Mallove on the 14th of May 2004, and also due to my own current situation, I have decided that it is due time that I disclose information that I have been forced to keep to myself for nearly thirty years when I had first received direct threats to my life and the lives of my loved ones. Being that I love my children very much and have taken these threats to harm my family very seriously, I hope that it will be understood as to why I have waited so long to speak out on this subject.

It should be quite obvious by now to anyone who has done their homework, that there have been and still remain, powers which are in place and have been put there solely for the purpose of hindering any real knowledge and/or progress in the areas of new energy technologies and all for reasons of personal greed, power, and control.

I do not want to have to be the one to burst many peoples bubbles, but I believe very strongly that there are those within this very movement who are not who they have made themselves out to be and I have personally seen very good evidence to believe this.

Also, I have met with a number of retired and/or resigned CIA operatives at their requests, who have been aware of and sympathetic to my situation and had also been threatened by their very own co-workers and by others in charge and behind this shadowy veil of secrecy. Some of these people have stated to me that they have suffered the loss of several of their own family members who were murdered because of their beliefs that FE/OU [free energy / over-unity] technologies must be allowed to be disclosed to the American public and because they refused to be silent on the issue.

You all need to know that the thugs behind these operations would like nothing more than to witness the demise of anyone and everyone actively promoting new energy technologies although, they usually reserve such drastic measures only for those who actually posses genuine technologies which would threaten their power structure.

Also, I would like to make it clear that there are dozens of people who know of what I have personally gone through and have known me for many-many years. A good percentage of these people can and will vouch for my character and also to the truth of these statements . Some have even been witness to some of the U.S. government/military harassment that I have been subjected to.

I would also like to add that I am willing to swear under oath and before congress as to the truth and accuracy of these claims and statements. However, only Gods protection can guarantee that I would be there to do so if that time should ever come.

High Energy Magnetic Monopole Materials -- Evidence

I have decided that I for one, will no longer live under the fear of these people and so, I am now offering to my fellow comrades news of the existence of certain materials that are thought impossible to exist but, which in fact DO exist. The materials of which I am referring, were (high energy magnetic monopole materials) with resistive forces of at least 10 to 20 tons per square meter x 1/4" thickness.

Please consider closely what I am about to tell you! I have seen the physical and documented proof and also the formulas to prove this. There was no mistake! I had to read through all of the information a half dozen times before I would believe this myself but, I now know without any shadow of doubt what so ever that these are the actual facts.

Thirty years ago I had delivered this information in person to the energy commissioner of the state of Minnesota in the late spring of 1979. The current commissioner at that time held a Ph.D. in physics, was a nuclear engineer, and as I have stated was currently the head of the Department of Energy in the state of Minnesota, that is, at least until mid 1979.

He did not believe these claims either at first, until I presented the documentation and formulas which had all been formally published in great detail by "Polydorf". He to had to read through this information several times just to make sure there was no mistake as to what he was seeing.

Again, there was NO MISTAKE ! Also, there were witnesses present who will testify to the truth and accuracy of these events. Along with these publications was the name and the location of the company that manufactured these materials at that time.

Application: 1.5 Tons of Torque

I had also presented to the commissioner a design for a new device which would measure approximately the same size as a standard size can of oil and which according to our calculations would have delivered a minimum torque ratio of approx. 1.5 tons of turning force. The commissioner agreed that indeed according to everything he was looking at, and taking in mind the current laws of physics, that it would be impossible if this device would not work.

After reporting to the commissioner and showing him the proof of the existence of these materials, the commissioner promptly called this company on the telephone to place an order for the materials needed to build this device. At first the current foreman of the manufacturing plant adamantly denied that such materials existed except perhaps on the moon or mars as he jokingly put it. After the commissioner had clarified to the foreman as to whom he was speaking and threatened to file a law suit against both him and his company from the state of MN, the foreman immediately apologized and admitted that they did indeed make those materials there and agreed to place the requested order. The foreman however, wanted to know how the commissioner had acquired such information because apparently it was supposed to be classified under the highest top secret classification. The commissioner quickly told the foreman my name and where I was employed which at that time was for the Rand Corporation at a certain DOD headquarters location.

Life Threatened; Daily Visits by Helicopters

By that time I had begun to realize that I had unknowingly stumbled into a very dangerous area.

It was later learned that I had apparently checked out a book in which a temp worker who had been called to fill in for the usual full time librarian, had accidentally misplaced this highly sensitive information, and instead of having it placed in the proper vault, filed it in the unrestricted area of the companies research library where I happened to find it while researching high energy magnetic materials for my invention.

The very next day following that meeting with the energy commissioner, I was visited by several armed military police who were waiting for me as I reported for work that morning. As my boss stood directly behind these M.P.s, direct threats were made to my life and also the lives of my loved ones. I was told that if I were to ever mention anything to anyone about any of what had occurred that I would be made to disappear permanently and that they might just do the same to my loved ones for good measure. Those are the exact word they used.

From that point on I was never able to contact the commissioner again and it appears that he had been replaced by a female counterpart. My phones and my family's and friend's phones were also tapped from that point on and for quite some time thereafter. Also, the very next day a very large white unmarked military helicopter began to make regular daily visits to my home at exactly 12:00pm noon every day and would hover no more then 50 to 75 feet above my house. Side doors would open and various IF, UV, cameras etc... were wheeled up to openly take pictures and to intimidate myself, my friends, and my neighbors.

This continued for several months on end. My friends and neighbors were afraid to associate with me in any way from that time on. So in case your wondering, yes, there are many witnesses! Often there would be men stationed on my street with telephoto lenses aimed at my home and family members as we would come and go. I have also had my home broken into on numerous occasions whereby the only things which were ever taken were my inventions and associated documents.

Since then I have watched as many others have announced various inventions which have claimed to provide free, clean energy while my life has basically been systematically destroyed.

In fact just a couple of months after my meeting with the MN state Energy Commission, a good friend handed me the 1980 spring issue of "Science and Mechanics Illustrated" of which Mr. Howard Johnson's permanent magnet motor/generator was pictured on the front cover. The design was nearly identical to one of my own. Coincidence? Only God knows for sure.

Consequences of Losing My Job with DOD; Deterioration of Health

I want to tell the following because I would like you all to know exactly where I am today as a result of being pressured into leaving my position with the DOD. Also, it may help to explain why I may not be able to respond as quickly as some of you would like sometimes.

Although I want to be able to function at full capacity as in the past, my health has deteriorated considerably and I have been seriously effected in many ways as a result of the many problems which have been associated with the various forms of harassments and attempts by the government to ruin my life of which I will not even attempt to go into detail about.

Needless to say, I had soon felt it necessary to find other employment because of the stress and intimidation which I was being subjected to and I immediately landed a job working on the docks of the Minnesota river loading barges. I became a dock chief in short time and things seemed to be looking up.

During the third year that I was working on the docks, I fell nearly 40 feet onto the corner edge of one of the steel barges while trying be a nice guy and do another co-workers job for him so he could continue his conversation with another co-worker. It happened during a sudden change in the weather which quickly turned into blizzard conditions and everything had turned to glare ice in a matter of twenty minutes. Bean dust had covered the evidence and so I was not yet aware of the ice. Anyhow, I wound up landing on my back tucked into a fetal position while trying to protect my head during the fall fracturing numerous vertebrae, snapping three rips off of my spine, and rupturing about half the disks in my spine. There was also severe damage to my central spinal cord but which would not be able to be proved until twelve years later when MRIs were finally made available.

The day after the accident I was told by my employer that if I was not back to work and 100% ready for work on the next work day that I would be kicking rocks down the road. I had just bought our first home and couldn't bare having to tell my wife that her life long time dream would have to go. And so, I reported for work the next work day.

Twelve more years past and I was to the point where my legs would go out from under me and I would become completely paralyzed from the waist down. The heavy lifting and labor were taking their toll.

A short time later I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light by a car which was traveling at 60mph which pretty much finished off the job. My seat buckled and twisted like a pretzel and I wound up in the back window head first.

Today and for the last 10 years, I have been nearly unable to even think let alone function in any capacity well enough to hold down a full time job. I've developed severe degenerative disk disease throughout my entire spine etc...

I have filed several times for disability but have not been able to get any help supposedly because I am not blind and/or have full blown AIDS and so therefore, do not qualify.

I have lost my wife my home of which I had just finished paying the mortgage on, all of my possessions and my health.

No Fear of Death -- Nothing Left to Lose

Because of this and all of the things which have led to the total destruction of my life, I now have absolutely no fear what so ever of dying. In fact most people would consider it merciful to put down an animal in such a condition, and so I no longer care much about what the government/military clones want to threaten me with anymore.

Again, this is only a very small example of some of the things that have brought me to this point. It is also the reason that I have chosen to disclose this information which I believe could help in the development of permanent magnet motor/generator technologies as well as other technologies.

Let's Develop this Technology Ourselves for the World

It has now been close to thirty years since that original incident which started me on the course that has lead me to this point. I am very sure that there have been improvements made to those materials that were so important to keep secret that people have been considered of lesser value.

I have since attempted to find information about these materials on the Internet but as is to be expected, the closest thing resembling such materials to what I have described are what are referred to as high energy Dirac Monopoles. Claims that there has been ongoing work into research in this area are purely bogus and obviously designed to discourage the curious. Contrary to those claims, these materials have actually been in existence for at least thirty years now despite the denials of the patent offices and the manufacturers.

The name of the company that was manufacturing them during the time of my meeting with the energy commissioner was Permag Central Corp. which is located in Illinois. You may well have heard of them, they are one of the largest manufacturers of high energy permanent magnets in the world.

The name of the foreman involved was Jim Foy. He has long since left the company for reasons which would be perfectly understandable to me.

Permag Central Corp. will undoubtedly deny that they have ever manufactured these materials and will also deny that they even know of the existence of such materials but, they do or at least did make them there in 1979.

Also, I believe that I may have now figured out how to produce such materials or at least how the process might be done. I want you all to know that it is not my wish to place anyone in danger by offering this information and I would not normally give out any sensitive information of this nature but I believe that it has now become necessary for someone who is still living to disclose this information for the benefit of the many.

These materials are undoubtedly used for military applications and they have been more than prepared to murder anyone in order to keep them a secret. If however, a private group were to re-discover so to speak, the process of making such materials, I believe that this information could then become public knowledge and thereby open up numerous possibilities within the scientific and technological communities.

I would also like to add that I have seen some evidence that some of these high energy monopole materials are likely to posses properties of invisibility. I understand how this might sound but try looking up "High Energy Dirac Monopoles". I have done some Google searches on the Internet and have found some information on Dirac Monopole materials confirming this possibility.

Nevertheless, I feel that it is necessary that others know of the existence of these materials because of the many implications for advancements in FE/OU and other new energy technologies. Also there are likely other possible applications associated with these types of materials which could greatly benefit mankind.

Its kind of ironic that after all of the Top Secret and Above Top Secret technologies that I have seen and the projects that I have been involved with, that this would be the thing that they would worry about the most. I guess money really means a lot more than anything else to these people.

Anyway, I also believe that this nonsense has gone on far to long and that it is time for all of us to move ahead swiftly before it is to late for all of mankind.

Although some will surely say that I have developed a Messiah complex or that I am in some way delusional, mad, or just in need of attention, I assure all of you that I have no desire to be known or to become a celebrity.

My initial intention to begin with was to give something to my fellow man and at the same time stick it to "The Man" if you will.

It should also be obvious why I have chosen to remain anonymous for so long. I have simply come to the final conclusion that if it is necessary that I have to sacrifice the remainder of my life for the betterment of mankind, then it is well worth the price and in fact would even be welcome at this point. At least I will have played a part in some small way and at least something of my life might have been salvaged to help someone.

I only hope that some of you will listen and at least consider that what I am telling you is true and also the possibilities. I also encourage you all to share this information with anyone who will listen.

Dr. Eugene Mallove was one of the best and brightest in his field and he was loved by many. I believe that at the least, we owe it to Eugene to continue the fight for the full disclosure of these technologies.

Also, It would be wise to remember that any one of you who is currently active in the pursuit of FE/OU or even NE technologies and on the right track, could be in danger of being the next target. Also, our best defense is in our numbers and this is now the one thing in our favor. There are now far to many of us for them to hope to be able to get by with making everyone disappear.

I will continue to help others as best I can in their projects as long as I am able to still able to talk or type on this keyboard. There are many of you out there now who are on the right track and my prayers are with you all regardless of how you are received by others within the FE/OU community or network. A good number of you are far brighter than I was when I started my research and so I am confident that if time will still allow that something will be brought to the market within a couple of years.

Remember though, that there is much deception and many forces which will try to stand in your way some within our very midst but, with the help of our Creator and the cooperation of other fellow comrades, I believe that some of you may enter into the history books alongside the likes of [Nikola] Tesla of whom, I have always most admired.

As far as I am concerned Nikola was the king, and I believe that without the sacrifices that he made in his life, we would not be anywhere near as far as we have are today.

I don't know what if any results may occur by getting this off my chest but I believe I must do this at this time for many reasons, some which will be obvious, others of which I do not want to discuss at this point.

God bless you and keep you all.

James D. Fauble


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