JapaneseSnacks.com Celebrates the Diverse and Delicious Confectionery Products of Japan - Pop Culture Fans from all Over the World Converge

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Entertainment from Asia is rapidly working it's way into the American mainstream on many levels. The latest incarnation of JapaneseSnacks.com, which focuses on Japanese Pop Culture fandom, has already sparked a new explosion of interest.

Everyone sells snacks online now.

Got Pocky? was the question heard nationwide when JapaneseSnacks.com first launched it's e-commerce site in 1999. With hundreds of products to choose from, JapaneseSnacks.com was the first company to sell these delicious and unique foods and beverages online. After being covered in a multitude of U.S. and Japanese magazines including Entertainment Weekly™, JapaneseSnacks.com effectively opened up a flood gate of interest. Everyone from curious Americans, to hardcore fans of Japanese Animation (anime), console games, and scifi entertainment, began ordering Japanese snack products. It didn't take long for other stores to notice and catch on to the J-snack craze. Now over 20 online stores boast a selection of Japanese snacks and even some Suncoast/Sam Goody stores carry them.

The latest incarnation of JapaneseSnacks.com, which focuses on J-pop (Japanese Popular Culture) fandom, has already sparked a new explosion of interest. The website supplies information and educational content and also includes online store listings with customer reviews and ratings, price comparison charts, Japanese commercials, and monthly columns about J-pop culture from people living in Japan. JapaneseSnacks.com's already extensive database of snacks, foods, and beverages expands regularly as new products arrive out of Japan.

"Everyone sells snacks online now." says Elaine Barlow, owner of JapaneseSnacks.com. "Once all the copycat stores sprouted up, evolving was the next logical step. Education and information is the heart and soul of what the Internet is all about. I love building websites just as a hobby, especially places where people can expand their knowledge, find information, and express their interests and fandom with other people. Common interests really bring people together and the net is a great place for doing that."

JapaneseSnacks.com, in it's evolved stage, not only appeals to those who wish to purchase snacks, but also greatly benefits the stores that sell snacks. "JapaneseSnacks.com has maintained top positions in nearly all the search engines since it stopped selling products over 2 years ago. No matter who springs up to sell snacks, it's still the first site people find and the first name people think of," says Robyn Gandy, owner of Otaku Grocery (http://otakugrocery.com), an online store based in North Carolina. "Getting endorsement from JapaneseSnacks.com, who is considered an authority on these products, helps route their targeted audience to us. When we opened in June we sold out of almost everything within the first two weeks and we haven't advertised anywhere else yet."

In addition to providing advertising space, the development team at JapaneseSnacks.com doesn't let their 10+ years of experience in anime, gaming, snacks, and the Internet go to waste. JapaneseSnacks.com offers consultation, web design (through Barlow's design and media company, Team Of Dreamers), and marketing advice to several online stores that sell, or plan to sell, Japanese snacks and related products. "Elaine is a genius. The online store she is designing for us is like nothing I have ever seen online. It's simply amazing." says Roger Tateishi, of Kyun USA (http://www.kyunusa.com). "We have several offline stores and our focus has always been on sales and marketing targeted at the Asian community here in California. I simply wasn't thinking of the potential sales that the diverse, focused fandom of J-pop and J-Curious people could offer. Elaine and JapaneseSnacks.com really opened my eyes to the possibilities of marketing Asian foods to a newer and younger audience on the Internet."

The future holds an endless number of possibilities for the newest installment of the JapaneseSnacks.com phenomena. J-pop fans are increasing rapidly as entertainment from Asia works it's way into the American mainstream. "When it comes to animation, games, comics, and action cinema, J-pop fans already know that stuff out of Japan is just superior in all categories of cool. J-Snacks are no different," says Barlow in an essay about the popularity of Japanese snack food. "Japanese confectionary products are just simply better than American ones. Better quality, better flavoring, better packaging, and better variety. You could argue that J-pop fans find Japanese products so fascinating only because it's something different from what we have in America. It's true; the key word being "different". Difference is at the heart of anything unique and variety is at the core of anything interesting. Put those things together, wrap them into something delicious and you'll get Japanese snacks."

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ABOUT JAPANESESNACKS.COM (http://www.JapaneseSnacks.com)

JapaneseSnacks.com is the one and only website dedicated to the fandom surrounding the unique snacks, foods, and beverages of Japan. JapaneseSnacks.com is committed to continued expansion of it's database of products from Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom as well as providing textual content that is both entertaining and educational.

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