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Imagetogo Ltd launches http://www.imagetogo.net that generates websites on the fly. It is a new website for anyone involved in sales and marketing, and can also be used as a Preview and Proofing tool for photographers to sell products online. All services are provided free of charge, the users pay only to post generated websites to their customers. "ChopChop", a new browser plug-in, has been developed to take the wait out of waiting when uploading large image files over the Internet.

Imagetogo.net offers an online service that generates targeted, industry specific, e-commerce enabled websites for free. Launched on the 1st of June 2004, the website gives SMEs a powerful on-line sales and marketing tool that can be used to promote an offer, close a sale and generate revenue for the user.

From Loughborough, a quiet English town, a Singaporean and an English man have submitted patents for a new way of doing business on the Internet. A second patent submitted at the same time covers a new way of uploading large image files in minutes. The two patents compliment one another to make an effective Internet application for online generation of instant, disposable websites for the sale and marketing of images and products.

The website has been designed with ease of use and with zero cost overheads for end users. This makes it ideal for SMEs to venture into the Internet based sales and marketing arena, which has been traditionally dominated by large companies with money and resources. Imagetogo.net has also been designed for a worldwide audience to trade in five major currencies, using 'PayPal' to take payments. Twenty further currencies are available for use. Page content can also be generated in the user’s own language. It is therefore ideally suited for those wishing to export their products or services.

Imagetogo.net is an online service that generates targeted, industry specific, disposable, e-enabled websites for business-to-business or business to consumer applications, therefore making it particularly suited for sales and marketing purposes. All of the resources to generate websites are made available free of charge. Users can also go live with the website for up to two hours to see what their customers will see and can post it to anyone to trial the system for free. Revenue is derived from charging a fee for others to view the websites for longer periods chosen by the users. This fee starts from as little as £2 (US $3.50) for three days.

The creation of the website has led to the development of 'ChopChop' - a brand new browser plug-in that speeds up the uploading of large image files in minutes. Transmitting 100MB image files using a slightly dated computer operating at 400MHz with 128MB of RAM on a 56k modem took approximately 42 minutes. Without the plug-in, transmitting the same files would have taken just under 4 hours! With 'ChopChop', you no longer need a fast connection or a state of the art machine to upload large image files. However the faster the connection and with higher specification equipment, the faster and harder the plug-in will work. For example, a computer with a 1.8GHz processor (512MB RAM) took approximately 12 minutes. On a broadband connection of 600k, uploading 100MB image files took just 6 minutes. A patent is currently being applied for 'ChopChop' through our patent attorneys Marks & Clerk, Leicester, UK.

Dr. Ming Low, Imagetogo.net-'s technical director said, "We hope the people who use the site will have as much fun as we have had building it, it has been hard work but we are looking forward to see how it develops and how our customers use the website. We expect a few surprises." He went on to say, "Another of our major challenges was getting across to our customers the business model we have employed. The idea of offering all services for free and only charging for longer visibility of their website is a difficult one for people to understand, as to our knowledge this has not been attempted before. The service Imagetogo.net is offering can be used in many different ways. One way is a bit like having a shop that is a secret and always locked. You first fill this shop with all the things you want a particular customer to see. So you send the person the key and they can visit the shop at their convenience, as many times for as long as they have the key. Like any shop, they can also discuss with the shop owner before they buy. Another way it can be used is to send the key to thousands of customers, as all interested in what is in your shop. It then becomes more public. Not only can you give the key to thousands of people, you can also enable them to pass the key on to others that may be interested. We charge the same for one customer to visit your shop or thousands, with no rent, rates or maintenance costs. It is truly excellent value for money. Our charges start at £2 (US $3.50) for opening your shop for three days, up to £30 (US $55) for 90 days. If your customer has not made up their mind to buy by then, you can extend for half the cost or close up shop, restock if you want to and open another and so on, all for free."

When being asked what prompted the development of the site, Dr Low said "I was walking through a wedding fair with my co-director Mr. Leslie Jones in Milton Keynes and started talking to photographers about what they wish to see helpful to their businesses on the internet. 'Low cost services that do not want a slice of their profit and copyright protection facilities of their images' appeared to be the consensus. Imagetogo.net started life there with the simple idea of providing a low cost proofing and previewing service for wedding photographers. It grew over the entire development period into something far more embracing."


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Imagetogo Ltd. is a UK company registered in December 2003 to promote and develop web-based applications for the SME market. It is privately funded and owned by its founders, Mr. Leslie Jones and Dr. Ming Low.

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