Expatriate Author Finds Romance in Spain

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Once more, Frederick A. Babb takes his readers in a new direction with his latest Romance Suspense novel.

From Henry Miller to Ernest Hemingway, the expatriate American author has held an esteemed place in American Literature. Typically representing the outsider, or the escapist, the expatriate was seen as a rebel, a rogue, and garnered the attention from those seeking rebellion, or a touch of the exotic, within their reading. With the expansion and distribution of English language newspapers, and with Americans now found living in the big cities as well as the remote villages in countries all over the globe, the romance light might seem to have dimmed from the realm of the expatriate author in our age of the small world. Not true, it’s just that the types of expatriate authors, and the works they are writing, have changed.

The expatriate novelist Frederick A. Babb, is an American living in, not because of a desire to be away from the states, but because it is where he has found his livelihood, as an English teacher. His distance allows him a fresh eye into the genre he finds most fascinating; the Romance Novel. "I believe in writing books that touch you emotionally and/or make you step back and think," says Babb, "When I am writing, I place myself in the situation of my characters and write what my heart would feel at that moment. I place emphasis on the relationship versus making the score."

Babb’s new novel, "Freeman's Perils" is centered on the lives of five America women from across the fifty states, all who are selected through a pageant in post 9/11 New York City. The tour founder, Bart Freeman, decides to conduct his pageant from there in an attempt to provide national healing of a nation affected by the tragedy. In the story each strive, and are selected to be part of a "Discover America" beauty pageant. The pageant, a brainstorm of a recent lottery millionaire Bart Freeman, is a promotional gimmick quickly devoured by the media, which leads to romance, mystery, murder, teamwork, and survival. "The promise of glamour and fame is replaced with menacing perils and survival," says author Babb, "There will be no help from the media as Bart and the five ladies form as a team to save something more than the tour."

An accomplished writer with three novels under his belt, Babb has higher goals than the typical romance novelist, "If a person that has read one of my books tells me that the book touched or inspired them, only then do I consider myself successful." "Freeman’s Perils," is a unique introduction to the romance novel for those new to the genre or for those seeking to read works by a new type of expatriate author.

Frederick A. Babb has lived in Spain for many years. During this time, he has lived many cherished adventures and has obtain a view on issues as an American abroad versus one that lives within the borders of the country.

Having a passion for writing, he started his professional writing career as an editorial sports columnist for military newspapers in Spain, much to the praise of readers and editors alike.

In 2001, he decided to pursue his dream and had his first novel, "Unforgettable", published. The driving force behind this romance novel was the memory of a special lady that had passed away at a young age from cancer.

Since then, he has had a second novel published titled Torn which took a unique look at a love triangle. He is following that successful novel now with the suspense and romance of Freeman's Perils.

Not to rest on his achievements, Babb already has prepared a fourth one to be released this year. The fourth novel is focused on his experiences in Spain as he brings to the literature world the life of bullfighting in this Spanish Romance Trilogy. The magic of southern Spain come to life in the pages of this romance novel and it reflects the wonderful lifestyle that Spain offers.

But, even this success has yet to slow him down. Currently, he is working on a book about terrorism as well as finishing the second novel of the Spanish Romance Trilogy.

Learn more about "Freeman’s Perils" and the author at his website: http://www.frederickbabb.com

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