Parents LOVE this- New eBlaster 5.0 with INSTANT Chat/IM Forwarding

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Here are a few of the NEW features your readers will love in new eBlaster 5.0: In addition to copying you immediately on emails sent and received on the computer on which it is installed, the all-new eBlaster 5.0 now provides Express Delivery of Chat Conversations and Instant Messages. Within minutes of a chat or IM being completed, eBlaster sends you a complete transcript via email. Add the ability to "pick and choose" emails you want to instantly forward -- as well as expanded recording capabilities including potentially costly and legally sensitive peer-to-peer file sharing – PLUS new security that allows each report to be encrypted and you have eBlaster 5.0: the most powerful, dependable, full-featured remote monitoring product available.

With eBlaster 5.0, knowing EVERYTHING employees and family members are doing. Online is as easy as checking your email. eBlaster 5.0 provides answers to significant questions facing individuals in the professional and private sector every day:

  • Is your spouse cheating on you?
  • Are your children being approached by child molesters?
  • Are your employees stealing from you by goofing off all day online?
  • Do they close chat and other windows whenever you appear?

SpectorSoft believes spouses, parents, and employers have the right to know the answers to these questions, and provides eBlaster 5.0 to give them the power to uncover the truth.

eBlaster 5.0 is the only remote monitoring software capable of capturing and recording the emails, chats, and instant messages of a PC user and then forwarding an EXACT copy to any email address. This capability permits spouses, parents, or employers to know what an individual is doing on the Internet, even if they are thousands of miles away.

eBlaster 5.0 is robust and secure for the most demanding businesses, yet easy for even computer novices to install and use effectively. Only eBlaster 5.0 combines Instant Notification features and a Comprehensive Scheduled Activity Report to give users the power and control to:

Be copied via email on a monitored individual's:

  • emails
  • chats
  • instant messages
  • sensitive words and phrases.

Receive detailed hourly or daily email reports of ALL monitored activity including:

  • emails sent and received
  • both sides of chats and instant messages
  • sensitive words and phrases
  • logon/logoff activity
  • web sites visited
  • keystrokes typed
  • programs launched
  • peer-to-peer files shared.

Based on SpectorSoft's innovative products, courteous, knowledgeable salespersons, and its "real, live person" technical support - a rarity in the industry -- the company has garnered a significant body of enthusiastic users. A small sampling of SpectorSoft testimonies:

"No question about it! eBlaster is the easiest and most effective way to discover what you need to know! It only took 2 days after I installed it to find out my husband was having an affair, who it was with, when, and everything … best money I EVER spent!"

"This program has saved my 12-year old daughter from chatting with 3 men that were 'teaching' her the basics!!! Who knows what this could have led to!"

"I loaded eBlaster and within a few weeks I had enough evidence … a staff member was using the director's computer to chat about objectionable subjects and view websites that had nothing to do with her job. Thank you eBlaster and Spectorsoft for helping me monitor our employees' Internet usage and for saving valuable time and money."

"eBlaster 5.0 enhancements make a great program even better," said SpectorSoft President Doug Fowler. "In addition to eBlaster's popular instant email forwarding feature, eBlaster now offers immediate forwarding of chats and instant messages. This feature is valuable, for example, if you suspect your spouse or partner is using the Internet for cybersex, or to seek out other partners. And such suspicions could be well-founded, because there are thousands of online sex chat sites, and almost every town across America has examples of relationships that have been destroyed by newly discovered 'love' on the Internet."

"If your spouse or partner tries to close their windows or shut off the computer when you walk into the room unexpectedly," continues Fowler, "they are trying to hide something from you. The choices are simple: stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not happening, ask them what they are doing, or use eBlaster to find out. Because eBlaster records all of their Internet and PC Activity, you'll find out very quickly EXACTLY what they are doing."

eBlaster 5.0 also boasts enhanced email forwarding, expanded recording and reporting capabilities including legally sensitive peer-to-peer file sharing, and logon/logoff activity. Enhanced email forwarding permits users to "pick and choose" emails they wish to receive.

In addition to the range of capabilities responsible for making eBlaster 5.0 the most powerful, dependable, full-featured remote monitoring product available on the market today, eBlaster 5.0 includes two new key security enhancements, Password-Protected Activity Reports, and Communications Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Home, small business, and corporate users alike can guard against the potential of unauthorized individuals accessing reports by choosing eBlaster 5.0's Password-Protected file format, and corporate network administrators will be pleased to learn eBlaster 5.0 permits secure email transmission on networks using TLS protocol.

Single user eBlaster 5.0 pricing is $99.95 USD, with evaluation and multiple license pricing available. eBlaster 5.0 can be purchased and downloaded at or purchased by calling (772)770-5670. SpectorSoft is the world's leading developer of Internet Monitoring Software and revolutionized the category with the award-winning surveillance capabilities of its flagship product Spector. SpectorSoft is committed to providing robust, innovative and full-featured products to corporations, small and medium businesses, educational institutions, and consumers.

SpectorSoft provides technical support 7 days a week on all its products, including Spector Pro, Spector, Spector for Mac, and Spector CNE (Corporate Network Edition).

For more information please contact:

Kasey Sellati

Manager, Public Relations

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