In the Air Waves : Stress Fair Warnings for Summer Travelers

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Air travel stress is a health risk that needs to be addressed as summer travelers are expected to set record numbers. New millennium security measures will compound the issue for both leisure and business travelers.

Travelers who have booked flights might want to heed the latest health warning regarding new millennium air travel stress effects. The airports have forewarned that summer travel is going to be the heaviest it has been since pre-September 11th and that translates to extra long lines at security check points, crowds, and inconveniences.

"This is the way it is and will be and air travelers who are wise will take a serious look at options for ameliorating the effects of air travel stress," said Ruth Cann, a mental health therapist, air travel stress expert, and the wife of a commercial airline Captain. Cann says there are research supported measures that people need to be aware of and take advantage of for health reasons.

As the creator of E-Z-FLIGHT: Passenger In-flight Relaxation Experience, a take-onboard CD which was introduced on Delta Air Lines, Cann has combined the proven elements for in-flight relaxation as an alternative to self-medicating and alcohol consumption. Therapeutic mental relaxation exercises via guided imagery and strategically selected music, encourage visualization as a catalyst for compounded stress. According to Cann, many frequent flyers are sporting E-Z-FLIGHT and a CD player as their personal in-flight relaxation host of choice.

"My concern is the surge of frustration and anger that travelers experience on some level when dealing with new millennium procedures. This surge raises blood pressure, heart rate, and perspiration all under the heading of air travel stress. Add this on to everything else in a typical day on planet Earth, and it spells, health risk. When you board a plane with all of this excess mental baggage, there has to be some self-help relief provided as a precautionary measure," stated Cann.

It is predicted that record numbers will take to the skies and experience the Transportation Safety Administration doing its job in airport terminals with a Federal cap on the number of screeners who will assist. "If mother nature decides to join in the festivities with a storm or two, stress factors will compound and most people are not prepared to view it as a new millennium system that will take many years to perfect." 'I paid...Get me where I'm going.' is an attitude that unfortunately prevails in many airport circumstances," said Cann.

Business travelers will need to adjust to the dramatic increase in expected numbers as schools close and family vacations begin. As seasoned as some might believe they are, the setting is conducive for increased stress according to Cann.

Her advice, "Deep breathe, sigh, and quit wasting energy reserves on things you think you can change. Travel has become a go-with-the-flow, no-exception-to-the-rules operation. People need to accept the scene and expect that things will not go smoothly. If I'm wrong, consider it a win." With a traveler being one out of 200 million in the predicted summer air travel numbers, the odds of winning appear slim.

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