UK Trader Brings Currency Trading (Forex) to the "Home Trader" at an Affordable Price

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Ten years ago, the closest that most private individuals came to trading foreign exchange was a visit to the Bureau de Change at the airport before flying off for their holidays. Now, however, the invitation is open for every active trader, investor and portfolio builder to participate in a market that has become both accessible and extremely profitable. Foreign exchange trading has arrived, and the doors are wide-open to the largest financial market in the world.

Financial trader and U.K. trading instructor John S. Bartlett has introduced a unique Video/Audio CD course that promises to lead beginners through the seemingly complex maze of online currency trading known as the Forex. It also shows how new traders can learn how to profit from rising or falling currency markets, in today’s turbulent climate.

Set to be launched on 12th June, John shares his extensive knowledge and experience to demonstrate that with a little dedication and a willingness to learn, even the inexperienced beginner can find trading world currencies simple, straightforward and far easier and more profitable than they think.

The comprehensive CD course was developed following research which showed that very little existed in the way of affordable 'how to' Currency trading courses for the beginner and home trader using free advanced trading systems. It covers everything the newcomer to Forex trading needs to know to make a success of this absorbing pastime, at a price that is within most people's reach.

John offers independent advice on how to achieve realistic and consistent profits for small amount of time spent each day in front of an Internet-connected PC with an absolute 'no risk while learning' guarantee. From analyzing market trends and recognizing the right time to enter and exit profitable trades through to learning how to control potential losses, his step-by-step instructions make trading easy for all ages.

John has over 30 years' experience in the financial sector. The former independent financial advisor based in Puriton, Somerset, John is in his 3rd year of running workshops jointly with and the leading UK spread betting company on financial spread betting. He's keen to point out this currency course is no 'get-rich-quick' scheme. He explains: "I have very strong opinions about over-hyped claims. Even the most experienced trader won't make a fortune overnight. But if you apply yourself and follow my instructions you could very realistically make a steady and consistent profit."

Priced at £149.99 ($275 U.S) for the launch, it compares favorably with the many thousands charged for seminars on the subject of forex trading. John would like to make it clear that the intensive 6 hour course is totally self contained and there are no additional requirements to spend one extra penny on such items as additional software or expensive data feed. Full online support is also included for a 12 month period at no additional cost. A free introductory CD is available which can be unlocked online to reveal the complete course. It is suitable for all English speaking countries as it uses an established New York trading house.

The course has been tested by full time and new currency traders – a few comments are included below:

"An exceptionally well presented CD, Full of valuable and money/time saving info".

"A godsend for a newbie’s initial interest in FX"

"Although I am an experienced trader, from a newcomer's viewpoint, 95% of the content will be easily assimilated and well received, certainly worth the price and will actually save the purchaser more money and time than attempting to learn solo."

"Not over hyped, good impact, good visual / Audio –Very professional intro. Good Sound Advice, good emphasis on Protection, an important and often underrated part of the trading process." - M.P East Anglia April 04

"The pace of the learning is fine and overall presentation, excellent for the cost, with good easy to follow instruction. The trading setup and charts are organized in an easy to follow beginner friendly manner. I find it difficult to fault any aspect as it so well organized in its presentation on learning for the student’s basics on trading". Darren Birmingham (experienced trader)

"I think there is a place for this type of product – a step by step walk through for all aspects of FX trading, and your course achieves this very well. I spent 3 months researching to find this info – so you will save someone that much time so the cost seems cheap. I’m 36, a lawyer by trade and new to trading." – D.J. April 04

"The presentation and layout was very good – clear and easy to understand. The content covers everything a beginner would need to know before trading" – I.P April 04

Financial journalists wishing to review this course may apply for a complimentary copy to

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