Theresa Magliano Writes a Compelling True Story of Abuse, Torture and Survival - This Book will Keep you Reading Page After Page and Fill You With Emotion - It Truly is a Must Read

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This intriguing true story has captured the public's eyes. "To Save One" just may serve its purpose. Written by Theresa Magliano, a true survivor.

What would you do if you saw someone beating a child? Do you know that yelling at a child and calling them stupid is a form of child abuse? Who do you call if you know a child is being abused? Here is a true story about a child living in a home filled with physical, mental and sexual abuse and lives to tell her story of survival as well as information about organizations that will answer some of these questions.

It is obvious that people are drawn to read this compelling book as they wait to see how Trudy will survive and overcome abuse that she has been subjected to most of her childhood.

You will find yourself sitting quietly on the sidelines rooting for her survival and triumph. "To Save One" will change your life in more ways than one.


To Save One is an honest, upfront journey into the insidious world of child abuse. New author Theresa Magliano, shares her life with readers. She grew up in a world that was the epitome of the dysfunctional family. Many readers will get an education on child abuse; many will relate all too easily.

Theresa didn't know that her life was not "normal" while growing up. It's a common side effect of child abuse. It is the dirty little secret that nobody talks about. Her strong will to survive and overcome the poverty, low self-esteem, and guilt associated with physical, sexual, and mental abuse will have readers cheering quietly from the sidelines for her survival.

The story is often raw and graphic. I would not recommend it for readers that want to believe in the "Ozzie and Harriet" myth. But for readers that want to be more cognizant of a life that is lead by our smallest, most vulnerable victims, it's a must read!

Understanding abuse, and recognizing the signs of it, will make us a more compassionate society that will report suspected abuse and protect the children. Authors like Theresa Magliano and Dave Pelzer should be commended for sharing their stories. It is often painful, but the determination to survive and move forward is compelling. I could not put this book down. It is a fast paced, powerful read.

Reviewed by Kathy Bosworth for Denice's Pieces Book Review

In Theresa Magliano's book "To Save One", she tells the heart wrenching true story of how her and her siblings survived the constant mental, physical and sexual abuse of their father. At a very young age they were subjected to this kind of behavior. Something no child should ever have to endure.

As I read "To Save One", I began to feel sorry for what they went through, but then I realized that I shouldn't feel that way because they triumphed. They rose above what their father had been and became better people because of it. Besides I don't believe Theresa wrote this book for our pity, she wrote it to help save those who find themselves in the same situation as she had.

Theresa has taken a life altering experience and put it into words. She chose to speak of it and not hide it. That's something to be admired. It's the reviewer's opinion that Theresa Magliano has written a story that will touch your life in more ways than one. This is one book that I recommend everyone read.

Reviewer - Nicole Getridge Author of Shielded Heart 12/27/03

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