Don't Like It? Do Something About It!

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Your attitude is exactly that, yours.

Don't Like It? Do Something About It! - "What I dislike the most about author Bob Miller is his inability to cut you any slack," says Nan Kilar, Executive News Editor at "It's to hell with the torpedoes, full speed ahead 24/7," Kilar said.

"I simply stated, 'Why do bad things have to happen to good people?' It really wasn't a question, but that didn't matter, Bob was off and running," said Kilar

"Ms. Kilar," Bob started, "The old saying 'Bad things happen to good people all the time for no apparent reason' is an excuse, not a fact. Start backtracking why something happened and you'll find a reason. And your attitude about it is exactly that, yours.

"I can rob you at gunpoint, but how it affects your life afterwards is up to you, not me. How a person feels and acts are within their power to control. There's even a term for it, cognizance or better yet, cognitive therapy. No second party is needed; but if a person wants company and can afford it, they can go to a therapist. I do suggest buying a book on the subject (Feeling Good by David D. Burns, M.D), but regardless of ones approach, the work is theirs to do or not to do. The bottom line is the rest of us will just keep on trucking.

"The sooner a person accepts the facts that it's their life to do with as they choose and that human beings are by nature users, the better off the world is. Neither of these facts are bad things. When you accept them as facts, they will not only enhance your life, they will simplify it. Example: get a drunk out of jail the second time, and the third time he or she will consider it your duty. A sociopath, be that person family or friend, will not only drain you financially they will dilute you own self-worth. My hard and fast rule: First time shame on you. Second time shame on me.

"To assume is to error. Most people believe that I am religious based on my books and articles. Nothing could be farther the truth. I am very spiritual. I believe in God and love Him with all my heart, but I wouldn't walk across the street to listen to one of these robe-wearing solicitors. You walk into a church, any church, without God in your heart, and you'll walk out the same way. Millions upon millions do it weekly. The Hand of Providence knocks softly and nudges gently. Paper and ink are not at all necessary to know the King of Kings."

"What this last paragraph has to do with anything I don't know, but that's just how Bob is. I think he would be better off to leave God out of some conversations, but he's the boss." Kilar said.

P.S. Bob just informed me that leaving God out is a bad habit, since He might pick up on the idea. ( is an eclectic online publication that is updated each week. Nan Kilar reviews books and movies while Billy Anderson showcases record labels and music CDs. Bob Miller writes books, short stories and informative news articles.


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