New Capsaicin Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Stops Most Headaches in Seconds

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The Sinus Buster is the world's first natural hot pepper nasal spray, and many medical professionals are hailing it as an important health discovery that's sure to make most headache medicines obsolete.

Mr. Perry, please don't take the sinus buster to your grave. I wish I had it years ago.

Fifty years ago, most doctors would recommend Aspirin for headaches. Then Acetaminophen burst onto the scene, and today Ibuprofen is all the rage. But if one small natural supplement company in upstate New York gets its way, those headache cures of the past will soon become obsolete.

The company, SiCap Industries is nestled in the sleepy hamlet of Altamont, New York. It's an unlikely place to find an internationally recognized medical breakthrough, but that's exactly what has happened in this unsuspecting little town.

Located in a small unassuming building, SiCap Industries manufacturers an all natural product being hailed around the world as the ultimate headache buster and overall sinus remedy. Thanks to the reach of the internet, the company receives hundreds of orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"It's a constant barrage. We don't even have to advertise because the media plugs us everywhere. This is a newsworthy medical breakthrough that their audiences want to know about. Plus the fact that the guy who created it first discovered the hot pepper remedy after working with Oprah Winfrey. It's a strange story. A once in a million discovery, and it really works. We now have quite a few doctors who say we've stumbled onto a true medical miracle here," says Bob Haines, VP of Production for SiCap Industries.

"A miracle indeed", says Susan Yuhaz of Lincoln Park, Michigan. She recently wrote a note to the creator of Sinus Buster, Wayne Perry, who's also president of Sicap Industries. The simple one line note packed a powerful message.

"Mr. Perry, please don't take the sinus buster to your grave. I wish I had it years ago."

"That may be shortest letter I've ever gotten, but it was definitely the coolest. I actually framed that letter because it really describes the importance of this product for thousands of people," says Perry.

Importance aside, the Sinus Buster also makes for interesting news coverage. To date, the Sinus Buster has been featured on national and international news via television, radio, and in print.

"Every day we pop up on the news somewhere, or in a magazine, or something like that. I even got a call from the Wall Street Journal the other day, and we just appeared in the UK edition of Reader's Digest. Until recently, we've never advertised. It's all been built by word of mouth. The media likes our story because it's an important one for their audience. This is a strange human interest story with a real's also a story about the greatest sinus and headache breakthrough in 50 years," adds Perry.

The company boasts a regular customer base in the tens of thousands with hundreds of letters and calls pouring in every week praising the Sinus Buster as a life saver.

"My cluster headaches have never been under control. I've had them since I was a kid, and I've been on all kinds of medicines. I found Imitrex to be slightly helpful, but nothing has ever given me instant relief. Nothing has ever been able to stop one of my headaches, but the sinus buster did it right away. The first time I used it I was at a rock concert with my boyfriend when I started to get a cluster attack. I took one squirt of the sinus buster and my headache was gone. Just like was amazing," says Sara Welch of Berne, New York.

The Sinus Buster has not been used in any clinical trials, but it's active ingredient, Capsaicin has, and the results are astounding. Many medical scientists have known for years that Capsaicin can stop headaches, but until SiCap Industries launched the Sinus Buster, nobody knew just how far reaching this product would be.

The Sinus Buster has proven hugely successful for stopping chronic migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, menstrual headaches, and even hangovers. Moreover, this product stops chronic sinus congestion, and fights off chronic sinus infections usually within three days. The most interesting thing is the nasal spray appears to be effective on both allergic and bacterial sinus conditions according to company officials.

"We've heard from people with nearly every sinus condition you can think of, and it appears this is the most effective all around sinus remedy ever conceived," says Rob Sasso, VP of Advertising for SiCap.

The company claims they have several physicians around the country testing the Sinus Buster on their worst case sinus and headache patients, and they say the early results have been incredibly successful.

"Our plan is to get a grant of some kind to do a large scale controlled study maybe with a university, or the help of the government. So far the doctors who've tested sinus buster with their patients have gotten amazing results. We're smart enough to know nothing in the medical field will ever work on 100% of people because every case can be different, but this is the most all around effective product we've ever seen. We've had many doctors tell us they think we've stumbled onto something quite miraculous here. Something very big," says Bob Haines.

As for the company's future, SiCap officials say the sky is the limit, and they've just gotten off the ground. Although the company has never borrowed capital, and it's solely owned by a small group of members, they're presently entertaining the idea of accepting investment capital that could put them at the top of the heap within billion dollar sinus and headache remedy market.

"We're a small company even though we appear huge from all the press attention we get, but we're a family company. The greatest thing is we've never needed any investors because we always made a profit from day one, and the company has paid all its' own start up expenses to boot. The sinus buster's effectiveness is what's built this company brick by brick. But now that we're growing so fast, we'd like to upgrade our marketing and manufacturing strategy so we can operate like the big boys. And that means big cash. We also just started advertising on television for the first time, and it's doing phenomenally well. We're testing the spots locally on Fox 23 here in Albany, and our next step is to grow into placing the ads nationally as soon as we can. We also want to run our radio spots nationally on Howard Stern. One plug from that guy and you're reaching millions of buyers. That's something we've been planning to do, but to do it right we need to spend lots of cash. So now we're seriously considering the possibility of taking on an investor. With a little investment, this company can go from five hundred thousand dollars in sales to a hundred million dollars within two years," adds Wayne Perry.

SiCap has also released a new product called "Pepper Boost". It's yet another capsaicin based innovation that is guaranteed to suppress the appetite, and increase metabolic activity, thus aiding in weight loss and circulatory health.

According to SiCap President Wayne Perry, the company's next step is to launch a national marketing campaign putting the Sinus Buster and Pepper Boost on the map. SiCap officials also say they plan to inject as much as 1 million dollars into an initial advertising program depending upon the influx of investment capital. Considering how far the company has come on word of mouth alone, a campaign of this caliber is sure to boost the company toward its ultimate goal, "The Fortune 500".

If you want to learn more about the Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal spray and SiCap Industries, visit them on the web at (

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Wayne Perry is available for interviews via radio, television, and print. Samples can also be provided along with press kits to verified media personnel only.

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