Free Business Plan Software on the Internet, What’s the Catch?

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Advantage Venture Systems Inc. recently launched the Venture Planning System Pro, a powerful step-by-step interactive business plan software application. The VPSpro™ is provided free to users to develop their business plan online. The questions have been raised, “Is this too good to be true? Is our information safe? Can we expect to be solicited by the advertisers and sponsors from this site?” The answers are, no it’s not too good to be true, yes information is safe, and no users will not be approached by advertisers and sponsors.

Advantage Venture Systems created the VPSpro™ business plan software with the idea of becoming internationally recognized. In order to build credibility for their unique system the VPSpro was launched as a free of charge system. Now just over five months after launch Advantage has heard many say “It sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?”

The VPSpro offers users a way to analyse and complete a full set of three-year financial projections, including the calculation of cash flow. A comprehensive set of notes to the projections can be produced automatically on the system and the users can complete their narrative step-by-step using the narrative writer. Additionally, the VPSpro is designed to help the planners create a network of suppliers and professionals through the geographic and categorized linking of advertisers and sponsors. Even more, the system offers a free listing to all advertisers who want to reach the planners, and it doesn’t stop there, as Advantage is also offering the Community Partnership program, which gives non-profit organizations a way to raise money by creating their own online community.

So what’s the catch? “There is no catch,” states Rod Francis – President of Advantage, “we want the world to use our software and become more successful for doing so. Private information is protected through a secure connection; you don’t even have to put in any real information other than a valid email address. No information is given or sold to any other party, as is stated in the privacy policy, and you have no obligation to use the advertisers on the system.”

What users get is a great way to plan their business ventures free of charge and they can do it from any computer that has an Internet connection. The advertisers get a way to reach qualified potential buyers; and business development organizations get a way to benefit themselves, their local businesses and those that are planning a business or expansion.

Advantage is continually exploring ways to enhance the VPSpro and offer new services to benefit the planners. “We would like to get more planners on the system and a lot more feedback.” says Rod “Would users feel more comfortable if they had to pay for use of the system?” Advantage invites everyone to use the system and give them a review or an opinion.

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