Young Man Given the cCre for Herpes and Cold Sores ?

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Maybe not the cure, but virus is dormant and in remission.

Viraway was founded by a man who is in his 60s today. As a Young man he suffered from acute cold sores. The discomfort was so severe that he thought they would never go away. A native American Indian gave him a tribal mixture of herbs and told him that this mixture would eliminate the cold sores with in two weeks. This young man took the mixture and within two weeks the cold sores had disappeared. As long as he continued to take the remedy, he did not suffer from the virus outbreaks.

Since then, this man has shared this safe, natural, herbal formula with many Herpes Virus suffers. They have reported great results from this formula.

The Institute for Better Health has purchased the rights from the founder to market and distribute Viraway. The name Viraway was chosen because the formula flushes the virus from the body.

The Institute for Better Health after more research, found that Viraway was also a great product for the Herpes Virus and was helping 75% to 80% of our customers. This bothered the CEO. He felt there should be a way to help more than 75% of our customers. He instructed the research team to find out what other product they needed to fight the Herpes Virus. The Institutes head biochemist explained, in order to keep the Herpes Virus dormant and in remission, one needs to keep the colon clean and the immune system strong. The Institute had the Viraway to keep the colon clean. The biochemist gave us a formula to keep the immune system strong. It is a safe, natural, herbal formula for the immune system. The Institute named it Immune Builder.

Today, The Institute has the combination of Immune Builder and Viraway that not only keeps Genital Herpes, Cold Sores, Shingles and Canker Sores dormant and in remission, but it will keep you healthy and may prevent you from becoming sick again. Today, with the addition of Immune Builder, The Institute for Better Health helps almost 100% of its customers.

The Institute for Better Health’s marketing plan is designed and committed

to provide free informative links, educate and provide up to date information on new research, free informative links, prevention, causes, symptoms and treatment for the dreaded herpes viruses, sickness and disease.

Institute for Better Health has recently introduced another great product:

The Healthy Prostate Formula for all Prostate Problems.

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