He's the "Pied Piper" of Video Websites on the Internet.

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Millions will soon follow this "Pied Piper" of Video Websites on the Internet. "Video Says it Better!", according to this Las Vegas based Internet Consultant! People don't read anymore, we live in a world of television. Video is the primary media on this Internet Consultant's client websites.

Most people don’t read, especially what is written in small print on those millions of Internet web pages! Extensive scientific research has revealed that people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50% of what they can see and hear at the same time. With video messages facial expressions account for 55% of your message, another 35% comes from your body movement and gestures, while a puny 10% comes from the words you speak!

“Based on these scientifically tested and proven facts, why on heavens earth would you want a website with lots of words, a few pictures and no videos?”, says Brian Keenan, a Las Vegas based Internet Consultant! Imagine having the ability to go Face-to-Face with every single visitor to your website? The time has come to remodel those text based websites and replace them with TV style video messages. Even the slowest dial-up Internet access have doubled, tripled and quadrupled in speed and high-speed Internet access technologies have gone ballistic.

Keenan calls himself the "Pied Piper" of Video Websites and is re-writing the book, and maybe the rules, on how to effective deliver your message over the Internet. Every important message on his client’s web sites is given to the visitor using “talking head videos” where viewers derive 90% of the message from facial expressions and body gestures and the last 10% from the spoken words!

Advancements in video streaming technologies and easy to use video creation tools has made it possible for Keenan, and others who share his logic and vision, to put the company spokesperson, usually the president, Face-to-Face with visitors to their websites!

Two great examples of Keenan’s “Video Says it Better” face-to-face website development strategy can be seen at http://www.SmokingControlSystems.com and http://www.TheSnyderLawFirm.com Nothing could be further apart than the messages delivered at these two sites, yet they both share one common trait, the business owners have moved front and center to personally deliver their message in a “Face-to-Face” format with each and every site visitor. Almost without exception, visitors to these sites say, “You feel that you know the person after visiting the site!”

“My job is to help clients combine the power of television with the latest technologies available on the Internet to improve sales, reduce costs, enhance customer service and, in general, help them achieve their mission statements!”, says Keenan who proudly calls himself, the new “Pied Piper” of the Vide Website movement throughout the world!

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