Internet entrepreneur enables mass-production of affordable, private and secure communication networks for American communities.

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Boca Raton, Florida-based ABB ABBIEL, LLC. announced today it has launched its fully-managed turnkey community communications web solution for use by communities across America. The solution, named, is accessible from most any Internet-ready PC.

ABB ABBIEL, LLC., the leading provider of fully-managed, private and secure, turnkey community communications solutions announced its premier flagship web application and supporting services is now available for use by communities across America.

People use Internet-ready PCs everyday to access web sites. Very few informational web sites offer private and secure functional web applications. is a fully-functional private and secure web application that enables community leaders or independent residents to effortlessly activate a private, secure social communications network for only $5 per member per month! Unlike free alternatives, this fully-managed solution eliminates all other costs associated with integration, management, operations and enhancements. "This makes our invisibly-priced service 'better than free'", says company President, John Tummolo.

"We saw the pervasive need to provide a fully-managed turnkey community communications solution for use within member-oriented organizations such as gated communities, schools, religious organizations and rental apartment complexes. To date, most of these organizations offer primitive 'information-only' public web sites. Very few of these organizations offer viable, convenient, private and secure means for their members to access relevant information, interact and communicate. Our turnkey web application entirely eliminates costly upfront design, development, implementation, integration, operational, maintenance and enhancement costs. Many of these costs exist even with 'free' solutions. We manage these costs seamlessly for one invisible monthly membership fee. This enables any community, anywhere in America, to take full advantage of this capability today regardless of their economic ranking. Our solution is designed for everyone. Think of as the 21st-century community networking solution like Henry Ford's Model T was to driving in the 20th century. We've enabled the mass-production of cost-efficient community networks."

The patent-pending web application enables communities to create their private and secure communication networks using their own brands such as "xyz apartments" or "john doe high school" simply by supplying a unique community name during first-member enrollment.

The web application is scalable to tens-of-millions of members within all 50 states, in any city for any neighborhood.

"We envision every home in America having a kitchen countertop PC offering day-to-day lifestyle convenience and relevance as people effortlessly plug-into their immediate community for information and social interactions.", says Mr. Tummolo, who was instrumental in implementing key components of the original Prodigy Service on behalf of TRINTEX and led the implementation of IBM's first web-based products catalogue back in 1997. Prior to forming ABB ABBIEL, LLC., Mr. Tummolo was Vice President of Global Product Development and U.S. Host Operations for the multi-million dollar Internet direct-permissioned marketing firm Focus One Media Group, LLC.

"As you may already know, when we were developing the initial Prodigy Online Service, the objective was to establish a pro-business advertising, shopping and fulfillment communications medium. Conversely,'s objective is to establish a day-to-day lifestyle-relevant neighborhood communication network that brings added convenience to everyday lives. Folks pay more for fastfood convenience. Now, for an invisible price, community members may easily find the '700th' member who enjoys one of their unique interests. It's no longer about 'whether you feel like interacting with your next door neighbor.' It's about interacting with the neighbors that interest you. They may live in the next sub-development or five doors down. There's simply no convenient method for identifying and engaging fellow community members today short of knocking on every door and asking, 'hey... would you like to interact with me?' That's ridiculous, intrusive, inconvenient, time-consuming and impractical. creates the unintrusive vehicle enabling 'hands-off' social-integration. It's great for neighborhood newbies as they transition.", Mr. Tummolo says.

"More and more Americans relocate for various reasons. enables communities to welcome and expeditiously integrate these newcomers. This ability can only strengthen the fabric of the community.", says Mr. Tummolo.

Some examples of things members can do are: establish neighborhood watches, schedule a play date for their kids, locate a friendly card game on Friday night, invite everyone to your block party or arrange a community bowling team. All of these things can now be conveniently accomplished from an armchair in your home, office or hotel. The web application has been consciously designed to avoid cookies and non-standard web browser plug-ins. This decision enables most anyone to access their community from most any Internet-connected PC using the most relevant web browsers. In communities where many people haven't felt compelled to purchase a PC, a community kiosk has been setup. Mr. Tummolo says, "We envision more and more people buying their first PC just to access their relevant community network. We've created a tangible reason to buy a PC as it will lend relevance to their day-to-day lives. Now, the PC becomes a time-savings tool to embellish their lives, not a superfluous novelty."

Jon Roberts, Senior Marketing Representative, says, members can also plug into their neighborhood networks anytime of the day and place FREE classified ads, create new topics of interest and socially interact. There's even a private secure 1-to-1 messaging feature for use amongst close community friends. Two or more communities can also 'cross borders' and communicate using secure messaging. This provides a virus-free, spam-free, sender-verified email-like communications medium. Many laypersons ask, 'can't we just use email?' The honest answer is, 'well...yes, you could use email... but why would you ever want to put yourself through the manual, time-consuming and unwanted hassles associated with email systems? In reality, most people could also walk ten miles to work everyday... if they wanted to. They don't because they value convenience.' is all about convenience of interconnected networked community functions for an invisible price per month. The service virtually pays for itself by enabling members to link into their community information and social network.. their community."

Communities can also sell advertising space to local vendors who see the important value of being able to target specific communities. This type of targeted advertising is strictly permission-based, and members proactively visit advertising areas in order to view special offers. This creates an incentive for local vendors to establish real discount incentive offers to encourage these visits. By intentional design, the service is not cluttered with superfluous banner ads and multimedia eye-candy. The service is primarily designed to be the utlitiarian, functional 'toaster or phone-like' household appliance. Think of it as the applicance of the future."

Future releases will include purchasing unions where members who join together to buy items they don't need to "see, touch and smell." This feature would enable communities to gather multiple supplier bids for items from paper towels to property management services.

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