Dual-Action, Patent-Pending Beer Neutralizer™ Blocks the Carbs and the Hangover

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EGOceutical, a New Jersey based supplement manufacturer, has launched a new hangover and carb blocking supplement that uses a proprietary patent-pending dual-action system to obliterate the two negative aspects of beer drinking, the weight gain from high amounts of carbohydrates and the morning-after dreaded hangover. This revolutionary product is called Beer NeutralizerÂ? and it has been taking the nation by storm since itÂ?s inception in April 2004.

Guys love to kick back and drink a tall frosty one while watching the game, out at the local pub with friends or even sitting down enjoying a delicious steak dinner. The problem is that all of that beer drinking leads to weight gain, known as the dreaded "beer gut", and a hangover the next morning. Until now there hasn’t been a way to avoid both of these two unpleasant attributes that have been forever equated with beer drinking. If there were a way to "block" both of these negative aspects of beer drinking, people would be much happier and have more fun when drinking. Now there is a way to do exactly that. Beer Neutralizer™ has been widely touted as a virtual godsend by the media for beer drinkers around the world. Now individuals don’t have to feel guilty when they get that beer craving or feel sick the morning-after a big night out on the town. When one takes Beer Neutralizer™ directly prior to their first beer (or other high carb alcoholic beverage) it will help block up to 38 grams of carbs, per serving (2 capsules), from being transformed into glucose and thereby absorbed by the body as calories. The individual will also wake up the next morning feeling refreshed as if he or she were not out drinking heavily the night before, due to the hangover prevention complex that binds and absorbs the congeners from the alcohol that are directly responsible for the effect we call a "hangover".

Beer Neutralizer™ is groundbreaking in nature because it not only targets one of the negative elements associated with beer, like most products, but both of them. What does that mean? It means Beer Neutralizer™ is the most complete, all encompassing, beer and alcohol supplement on the market today.

For more information, including a detailed description of how the product works and FAQ, please visit http://www.BeerNeutralizer.com. Beer Neutralizer can be found in select GNC (General Nutrition Center) stores and on http://www.BeerNeutralizer.com.

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