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Josh was born with two defective feet and one webbed hand. Can you imagine what it is like to be told at thirteen months that your dear sweet baby will have his feet amputated? What must go through your mind? Every worst fear is realized. No doubt deep feelings of anger and 'this is not fair' have to be part of such a very human experience. And the operation is done and your baby has no feet. You so clearly see your baby's future and it is a future that is framed by life in a wheel chair.

His Story

Well Josh surprised everyone. He took to his prosthesis like a duck to water and four years later at the age of five he tells his Grandfather that he was born to play hockey. The immediate thought - is why ever would a child of five believe he was born to play hockey? My guess is that he felt it in his bones and no one said 'how can you, you don't have any feet'. Not knowing his limitations, not being told he was crazy, stupid or ridiculous, meant that the world of possibilities was open to him, the sky was the limit and Josh was allowed to pursue his dream.

Fast forward to 2004. Josh the Bantam hockey player's dream was to meet a very special goalie...his hero. The television show Hold on to Your Dream, heard about Josh and his dream, brought him on the show and made magic happen. The goalie in question was wonderful. Not only was he kind to the family, he spent time with Josh and allowed him to suit up for practice. How great is that! Apparently Josh is a great player with a real love of the game. The goalie found Josh an inspiration and said that Josh’s story taught everyone with or without handicap, to never stop trying and never stop pursuing your dream.

The Wisdom

We are all asked to deal with difficulties, for that is how the 'pearl of our person' is formed. Are we able to see this as part of our equipment as Josh sees his prosthesis or do we see it as cross to be borne in resentment and victimization? This boy and his family have done so well and yet the prospects of the future are always there. If you have ever had a child who has had to face a great challenge, you know that it is about overcoming the fears that can freeze our hearts, and finding warmth in a place of hope.

This boy and his family were told that he would lose his feel but in that losing he and all who walked with him have been healed, motivated and inspired. As Josh say ' I'm just lucky, I can walk...I am not in a wheelchair'.

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