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Judee Regan is Author of Meaningful Work...the Entrepreneurial Way: Your integrated guide to Career and Personal Life Management. . Judee champions taking responsibility for your own life through action, contribution and Work-Life wholeness and well-being through awareness, vision, and choice. Learn more about her philosophy and her services at

While waiting to be interviewed for a T.V. show which was being videoed in the middle of a mall, I had the distinct pleasure of engaging in a most interesting conversation with a highly enthusiastic, highly energized bicycle courier. It seems to me that many of us have predetermined impressions of what certain people who perform certain kinds of work might be in fact be like. If you see yourself as one of those, you will find this story very enlightening indeed.

His Story

I have been a bicycle courier for over 12 years and I love my work. I can be out doors, I can stay in great shape and I meet all sorts of interesting people. It can be tricky in winter on icy days but I have good tires and in summer the August heat can be difficult but I just make sure I have lots of water and I'm fine.

I worked in Europe for a while. Bicycle couriers do very well thereÂÂ…they are very highly valued and get paid well. When I came back to North America for personal reasons, it was an adjustment to deal with how here, the same value was not placed on this service. For me this job is everything. I've always liked riding bikes since I was very little, so to be able to do it for a living is like a dream come true. I even flew over to Europe for a Bicycle Couriers Race. I placed 800th in a field of over 10,000. It was a highlight of my life.

I have two goals. One is a book I am working on about bikes and the other is to work towards moving to a tropical climate where my bicycle courier abilities can gain me an attractive life style in a great climate.

The Wisdom

Given how badly so many people are feeling about their work today, I found this man's energy and enthusiasm, refreshing and remarkable. He was proud of what he was doing and although the pay was not all it could be, the trade off was that he was doing something he loved. He was creative in his thinking, had a sense of his own self worth and was willing to stretch to get what he wanted.

To me he was a man who was energized by his plans for the future and seemed quite happy to live his life with meaning...the entrepreneurial way.

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