Move Over, - President Bush is Not the Big, Bad Spender

Share Article would like you to believe the trillion dollar deficit that’s about to hurt America big time is Bush’s doing. is ignoring the place the real blame belongs that goes way beyond the President. It’s how did Bush get his hands on the money. There’s the real question. The answer is simple. Congress and the urgent need for congresspersons to become more accountable, answerable and responsive to the American taxpayer. Instead of the special interest groups. including the White House. Check out Patriotically - see the difference between public interest non-profit organizations living off elitist handouts and good old fashioned capitalists using the free enterprise system to get a job done without being stuffy about it. thinks it has President George W. Bush by the shorthairs using provocative TV ads – financed largely by $2.6 million of billionaire George Soros’ money. The anti-Bush organization has targeted the President for cranking the national deficit to a cool trillion bucks. MoveOn’s commercials blame Bush for the massive hemorrage of American dollars while painting a dismal picture of the next generation.

The ads, unfortunately don't begin to get to the root of the problem. It doesn’t expose how Bush gets to spend a trillion dollars. Bush may be the presidential bad boy and the poster child for misusing America’s resources and young lives. But, like all things presidential, Dub-ya didn’t do it alone.

Just how DOES a president get to spend a trillion dollars anyway? The answer? He doesn’t. He has to have help, a cabal of co-conspirators that gives him unlimited green lights to squander greenbacks. Check the U.S. Constitution. It clearly states that a President can only spend what Congress “appropriates.” He can ask for it. But, if Congress doesn’t play financial patsy, Bush can’t spend it. Congress made sure the money was there to spend. So, Bush isn’t the issue. His Congressional co-conspirators who approved the cash, they’re the REAL issue.

But what can John Q. and Jane Q. do when they can’t get a straight answer from their Congresspersons -- visit – the only web site standing between average, hard-working, honest Americans and the big-spending, petroleum-enriched, corporate greed-hungry fat cats who make sure the deficit is high and communication is low. can help citizens pry the truth from the lips of their elected “public servants” by offering a series of cut-to-the-chase, patriotic “Inquiries.” Each with a list of 13 questions – one for each of the original colonies – or for the number of stripes on Old Glory – will expose which Congresspersons are voting money for big business, big oil and pharmaceutical company payoffs – and which ones are toeing the line for their constituency at home.

Find the “Inquiry” on the website. The price of this inquisition? A $2.87 reimbursement to send a fax to citizens Washington representatives asking all the right questions -- starting with the “why” of high gasoline prices. Then, will tell the voters what their politicians have said – or haven’t said.

What's all this mean? if you want to arouse people. You can’t pussyfoot around with artsy TV commercials. You need to give average citizens much-needed muscle they can feel and touch.

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We’re concerned citizens frustrated with the way America is going and being sold out.    We’re good, old-fashioned capitalists who earn our money to proceed with creativity and integrity without being stuffy about it. More important, we are willing to ask the questions that average Americans – our only clients – deserved to have answered, log on to:

At a click of your mouse, will send your Represntative in Washington an inquiry that needs answering.

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