Great News: Increase Your Sales 15% Without Killing Your Budget

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If your company wants the massive benefits of increasing your sales revenue 15% typical of sales force automation made possible by CRM software, without the massive costs historically associated with CRM, this article will definitely interest you. The elimination of per user license fees and a very low introductory cost, make it possible for even small companies to have high quality CRM software. Your sales force can now experience automation without your company budget having a heart attack. Think of what an increased gross revenue of 15% would mean to your company, if it could be done at the fraction of the cost. Bell Rock Solutions is doing something to help your company increase your sales 15%, by making it possible for your company to purchase high quality customer relationship management software at a fraction of the normal cost. CRM software gives a searchable database with all customer and lead data for the company. No leads get lost. That alone changes the non automated situation, where 70% of sales leads fall through the cracks and are never followed up on. CRM from the competitors will do this as well but, the cost is astronomical in comparison. Bell Rock Solutions has removed all per user license fees so, that everyone in your company can use this CRM software, without adding to your cost. The result is that your company can have quality CRM software for one tenth the cost or less than the price of the industry leader. First year costs alone, have traditionally run around a million dollars when consulting fees and customization are included. The total introductory cost of the Bell Rock Solutions Integrated Application Suite is $57,000. This price includes ten days of onsite installation and customization so, that the product truly fits with your specific company needs. In addition to CRM, this price also includes very high quality Help Desk and Asset Management Applications, as well as very sophisticated data migration tools.

Bell Rock Solutions would like to introduce to you our new Enterprise Software ... ***The Integrated Application Suite***

The Integrated Application Suite includes: Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This helps you manage your customer accounts, contacts (and relationships), sales leads, and sales representatives. It helps with account penetration, professional selling, detecting unresolved problems and spotting problem trends. Help Desk: This helps IT Personnel to manage their corporate networks, computers, hardware, software, and other peripherals. It also helps with detecting unresolved problems and spotting problem trends.

Asset Inventory Management: This enables a company to keep track of assets and lessen shrinkage.

Employee Training: This assists a company to keep track of employee training, legal compliance, certifications, licenses, expiration dates, etc.

(Did you know that 70% of all sales leads that a company gets traditionally fall by the wayside without such management to insure follow-up.)

Having all of these - CRM, Help Desk, and Sales Lead Management - software applications shared by all the employees of the company makes sure everyone is on the same page and that business needing to be done does not fall through the cracks. This means huge additional revenues to companies that more than pays for the cost of our solution.

BRS installs the solution, trains the employees in its use right onsite and then is available for after the sale service as well. Plus we do all of this at about one-tenth or less the cost of the traditional CRM provider. Better still is that 95% of the after sale consulting and service costs are eliminated.

The "other guy" charges $65 per employee per month for licensing fees. Do you know what we charge? Zero dollars.

The "other guy" wants you to upload all of your sensitive material onto another server on the internet. We do not.

The "other guy" charges $300,000 for their software and then has the audacity to charge up to $700,000 in consulting and customization fees (usually $260 per hour) in the first year alone. They are basically asking you to pay them to get your software to do what it is supposed to do in the first place. (Plus they charge license fees for each employee that uses the software.) We customize our software to fit your needs and the cost for this is included in our one-time fee of $57,000 (introductory price).

Our price of $57,000 (introductory offer) covers the software and the installation. BRS sends a technician to your site to spend a week at the client's firm to install the solution and train your employees in its use and then dedicates another five days of service with the contract as needed.

If you need more help later, our ongoing consultation costs are only $600 per day, not the standard $230 per hour charged by our competitors. Just so you are aware, the only other fee to expect from us is $15,000 every year after your initial purchase for yearly updates.

I almost forgot to mention that we have a leasing option available for as little as $1,275 per month (You can start benefiting immediately!)

The only way to really see if this is something that can help your company, is to see the demonstration of the software. This is done on your computer and phone in the comfort of your own office. Call me today at 864-369-7550, to schedule a demonstration of this magnificent software, before the price goes up.

If you would like to learn more about our company and our software, please view our website at

To your continued success,

Mac McWhirter

Senior Marketing Consultant

Bell Rock Solutions, LLC

Phone: 864-369-7550


Note: Limited time offer: Absolute end 7/15/04 - Limited number of qualifying customers: First 5 only, First come, first served. - The Offer: A Help Desk (and support application) only version of the product (No CRM, no data migration tools, etc.) - One week of onsite installation and training support, travel expenses included in price -Entitled to .NET client access application when available this summer - One year of support included, $10,000/year after year one - Unlimited users, One production database - Price: $41,500 USD, paid in advance, check must be received at BRS, Scottsdale AZ by 7/15/04 to qualify - Upgrade to full version: $30,000 credit towards license fee. - BRS allowed to put customer logo and company name on BRS website reference page - No custom programming, no links to preexisting systems.

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