Bill Clinton’s “My Life”: A Retrospective on Presidential Politics, Power, Family & Infidelity. A Psychologist's Perspective.

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Does Bill Clinton share intimate details about his infidelity in his ultra-hyped, brand-new book, Â?My LifeÂ?? Opinions differ, though the majority are intrigued by what he does have to say. On Sixty Minutes, President Clinton recommended that those who are invested in relationships try counseling before giving up. CNN asked psychologist Dr. Allison Conner to comment on presidential infidelity, prompting this release.

Does Bill Clinton share intimate details about his infidelity in his ultra-hyped, brand-new book, “My Life”? Opinions differ, though the majority are intrigued by what he does have to say. One thing is undeniable from all the present media coverage -- the release of “My Life” is an event as newsworthy as the John Kerry/George Bush election or the Google IPO. That the public has a fascination with adultery, infidelity, sex and celebrity is obvious; headlines chronicle the escapades of Kobe Bryant, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez, and these stories have sold many a paper.

Dr. Allison Conner was asked recently by CNN to comment on Clinton’s presidential infidelities in context of his high profile and influential position. "People who achieve powerful, high visibility positions in business, entertainment and government have particular personality profiles and are also presented with temptation more frequently than the rest of the population,” states Dr. Allison Conner, a New York cognitive-behavioral psychologist. “All the attention is very intoxicating, and may lead to lapses in judgment.” Clinton has stated that he cheated because “he could” and that it was a “terrible moral error.”

During recent interviews, Clinton shared that he and Hillary have engaged in intensive one-day-a-week couples counseling for a year, which played a vital role in the recovery of their marriage. Millions of Americans are also looking to save or improve their marriages, as evidenced by the sale of millions of copies of Dr. Phil’s Relationship Rescue book series. Dr. Conner’s “Top-10 Relationship Wreakers” is a popular article with Internet surfers, receiving thousands of visits to date (available for free at

Dr. Conner emphasizes that, “a key to having a marriage survive infidelity is for the cheating spouse to not only acknowledge the affair and the betrayal of trust -- and of course to honestly apologize -- but for both partners to have an accurate understanding of the reasons or motivations for such behavior.” Dr. Conner notes that in her experience of treating couples and individual clients in therapy, a desire to change is critically important for reaching a positive outcome. “When one spouse drags the other to therapy unwillingly, the prognosis or outlook is much more doubtful,” comments Dr. Conner.

In recent years, psychologists and counselors are more frequently treating couples using the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach, which is currently the second most popular form of psychotherapy (the first being psychodynamic psychotherapy). CBT has shown better results in numerous research studies compared to other forms of therapy in helping people to overcome their psychological difficulties. It uses proven methods to help patients to identify and change thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that cause them to derail their lives repeatedly.

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Oprah also put Bill through the paces this week.

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