6 Lies That are Keeping You Poor - How to Break the Poverty Mentality and Accept God’s Abundance

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None of these lies are true

Over half of America's workers live paycheck to paycheck. If you want to stop heaving a huge sigh of relief every month once your check has been deposited, you need to break down the "poverty mentality" that is preventing you from being prosperous.

"If you are content to live the typical, month-to-month, barely-get-by lifestyle of most Americans, you are denying the abundance that God has for you," says John Garfield, pastor and coauthor of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace. "Experiencing abundance, is as easy as embracing God’s promise for prosperity and removing strongholds and lies."

A successful engineer, Garfield is the founder of two churches. His book, Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace, shows how ministry can be taken outside the church and links vocation, ministry, and life purpose into one package designed to help people become successful enough to export blessings to others.

Here Garfield shares six of the lies that may be robbing you of the abundant prosperity

God wants to bestow upon you:

Lie # 1: The Resource Pie Is a Fixed Quantity – (e.g. a larger slice of the resource pie for you means a smaller slice for me)

Lie # 2: It's Spiritual to Be Poor

Lie # 3: The Wealthy Are Arrogant

Lie # 4: God Will Automatically Transfer Wealth in the Last Days

Lie # 5: Businesspeople Are Not as Spiritual as People in Full-time Ministry

Lie # 6: Priests and Pastors have the Vision, While Everyone Else has the Provision

"None of these lies are true," says Garfield, who blasts each lie by revealing the scriptural truths in his book. "When you believe God’s promises and embrace the conditions He outlines in the Bible, you can trade a lifetime of mediocrity for an inheritance beyond belief."

Find out more about how you can discover purpose and fulfillment in your vocation. Get the FREE report "How You Can Break off Poverty & Embrace Prosperity" at http://www.Releasing-Kings.com .

Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace; Worldcast Publishing; 2004; ISBN: 1-882523-26-1; $12.00


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